Thursday, May 28, 2009 dog and her ability to eat anything.

We have a dog. She is a sweet 10 month old black lab. She is great with the kids, barks only when a stranger walks by the house, and is pretty smart. There's only one thing: she eats everything that she comes in physical contact with. I know she is technically a puppy but some of the things she's chomped just baffles my mind. I understand if something smells or tastes like food but, so far, the only things she's eaten that does resemble food is her dog food itself. The rest of her diet is a complete mystery to me.

Here is a running tally of all this dog has ingested:
- flashlight
- styrofoam (not sure how to spell that)
- cat poop
- candle lantern
- toy car
- her own dog dish which we had to replace with one made of metal
- tree
- firewood
- plastic bag
- newspaper
- rose bush, thorns and all
- all other plants in the yard too numerous to list
- stuffed animals including the stuffing
- beach ball
- sombrero

-Gavin (the dog didn't eat Gavin, Gavin wrote this blog)

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