Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am highly insecure about having correct grammar, so posting a blog (posting on a blog?) is nerve racking for me. SOOOO...my first post shall be a list!

*I may or may not have found chocolate that had melted and dried on my bra and a closely related body part this morning. A piece may or may not have slipped down my shirt last night not to be found until I was changing this morning.
*In overeager premature packing of our house I packed our camera charger weeks ago. Of course, the camera battery died soon after. I've reminded myself 9873494793845 times to charge the battery, but am distracted on my way every time. I don't remember to charge it again until its the opportune time to take a picture and then remember that the camera battery is dead. Its a vicious cycle. UNTIL this morning! I actually went to plug the cute little battery in, thinking that today will be a lovely day to take some new photos, and realize the charger is no where to be found. After unpacking a handful of boxes, a phone call to Gavin, a few text messages, rummaging around under my bed and through nightstands and a trip to the basement (started a load of laundry while down there), I finally remember where the charger is. I'm proud right now that my camera should be ready to go just about the time it warms up enough for my kiddos to run around in the sprinkler this afternoon.
*I woke up 2 hours before my kids this morning because I couldn't remember what time Gavin's dentist appointment was this week and was worried he would sleep through it. Got up to check the email reminder from the dentist, realized the appointment isn't until tomorrow, and subsequently got sucked right into facebook/email/twitter/blogs at 6:15am.
*When my friend Ronda "Skyped" me this morning, I ran out of the room because I didn't have any pants on. It is video chatting after all. Gavin informed me that no one would notice since the camera is only on my face. I still went and put pants on. It just felt weird talking to someone in Australia without pants on.
*Gavin and I have toothbrushes that look exactly the same. Same color and everything. Rather than taking the time to mark one of them, I just use whichever one is dry. Sorry babe.
*I had an ingrown EYEBROW hair this week. It was bizarre and painful.

Moving in 6 days. Off to pack!

The pic is of Noelle outside of the playhouse at the Ranch in California. We'll be staying there for a little while until we figure things out. At the Ranch, not at the playhouse.

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  1. You are funny. That toothbrush thing is yucky ;). I totally get the pants/skype issue. This reminded me of an elementary assembly in which you read something aloud that made me laugh.