Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been...ONE WEEK...

There is so much to say but most would be guesses as to what in the world we are in for here in California. Five days after we arrived I got an email saying that I am not needed to teach summer school. This is a big deal because we were hoping that a summer school position would not only pay most of our bills this summer, but also lead to a job for the fall. We are so thankful that we have a free place to stay for a while. We are totally enjoying our time as a family and trying to get plugged in to our new town. It has been fun to have family around. We have been to the beach and God has used so many to provide dinners and tire repairs. Our kids are happy and full of joy. Noelle is already on a T-ball team and Jude just drew his best drawing ever. We have been to the youth group and are looking forward to getting a chance to speak this week. There are so many things that are "right" about being here. However, the unavoidable issues of "how do we live?" and "where are we going to live?" are approaching our shores like an inevitable tidal wave about to sweep us away.

Ever seen the movie "The Abyss"? There is a part in that movie where the aliens that live in the Abyss start a tidal wave that would wipe out everything within 100 miles of any coast line. They bring the wave right up to the shore and stop it as a the wall of water looms over the helpless humans awaiting their watery doom. They essentially tell the humans to stop being mean to each other or else. The people look at each other with new eyes and they embrace as the waterwall recedes.

Here's the deal: aliens are lame. But we could be like the people sitting on the shore ready to go in for the titanic enema. Or we could believe that God has not asked us to move here for years only to leave us stranded. Plus, if the tidal wave of life is nearing us, God can stop the wave just like the aliens did, especially since aliens are lame and God is the Lord of the Universe.

So we are feeling a little stranded but we know that God is bigger than our circumstances. In July we'll be homeless and jobless and penniless but not God-less or hopeless or faithless. We will look back on this time in a year and say, "Remember when we were freaking out?!" We'll give a chuckle, says I.

This is a funny position to be in because it is forcing us to rely fully on God. So, while we're asking Him for things, I decided to ask a little bigger (the following is a real prayer):
We need $4,000/month of net income so Patty doesn't have to work and she can homeschool Jude. We need a place to live that has a good sized living room so we can have people over to meet/fellowship. I need job that allows us time to do youth ministry because that is one huge reason we are here.

If you agree with us then thank you. If you asked even bigger than me then thank you as well. God is in charge of all resources and He uses people to make things happen.

I will write another blog within a month to describe how the Lord of All met all of our needs. The enemy does not want us here so this is also in his face. He is even lamer than aliens.


  1. Gavin & Patty,
    First - great blog. Second - your obedience and faith is to be admired, and I pray will be rewarded with the necessary job(s), housing, etc. Chris and I can relate somewhat and are in a place where our circumstance just doesn't make sense to the "world". However, we too felt called to move (in our case it was back to WA), and are simply trying to go day by day in obedience to Him, trusting that His plans for us are so much greater than we could ever hope or imagine.
    Remain faithful. The words in your blog were very encouraging to me and I am proud of you both! We will be praying for you.
    In Him,
    Jennifer (& Chris) Henning

  2. DUDE!!! I AGREE!!! ALIENS ARE LAME!!! But you guys are not. Keep your chins up and the faith flowing. God will provide for you and your family. We are agreeing in prayer with you. Say 'hello' to the fam.

    On another note, sorry we missed your going away bash. We were at my dad's birthday.

    Bless you guys...take care of Salinas for me.


  3. What an amazing post, and certainly something Louis and I relate to. We have been whispered to for many years and have found obstacles and clear paths along our journey. You start to wonder which parts are distractions and which parts are clarity. But when you have that little whisper you know that you are doing His Will and blessings will follow. What those blessing will be are part of His profound Mystery. But, as someone who has tried to ignore the shouts and follow the true emotions, I am certain that you will all be abundantly blessed in your new adventure. Your faith is inspiring. We came to NYC a little over six-months ago with a sublet for a couple months and a big question mark about what was next. Now Louis is in a Broadway show and we are tasting the reality of the dream. It's amazing. God is fulfilling His promises. Hopefully we do the same for him. Thanks for reminding me how faithfulness to the journey is it's own reward. And thanks for sharing your real hope in this unpredictable world. "And Hope does not disappoint."
    Noreen, Fellow Lute (Patty's crazy old RA!)

  4. I love your blog! You are such a fun writer! I love it. Patty, did you read my tribute to you in my blog?! :) Miss you, love you, Kari