Thursday, July 9, 2009

Its been...1 month!!

Wow. Time really is flying by...
Here is a quick update of what we have been up to...

Gavin is still searching high and low for a job.
We are still staying at the family ranch just out of town.
We are enjoying every last bit of sunshine and all of us have some nice color added to our skin (2 of us are a lovely "tan" and 2 of us are more of a "pink").
We have started volunteering with the high school group at the church and are LOVING every minute of it.
Gavin has been leading worship and it has been such a joy to see him doing that again.
Our kids are dirtier than they ever have been before in their lives from playing outside so much.
Our dog is continuing her pursuit to baffle us by eating every possible thing that is within her reach. We can now add: frisbee, 2 squirt guns, walnuts, tshirt, pinecone, garden hose, and buzz light year stuffed toy to the ongoing list.
We laugh weekly at our jobless, homeless, almost penniless selves who get to lounge by the pool thanks to Gavin's folks having a membership at the local country club.
We have no idea what we are doing. We are praying that the Lord will not wait until the 11th hour to test our faith, but have a feeling that is what is about to happen.

Here are a few "observations" that I've had since we've been here...
*California drivers are REALLY different from Washington drivers. Wow. I have thought I was going to die a handful of times already.
*Being this close to Disneyland and not having the funds to go quite yet is torturous.
*I am WAY too reliant on the internet. We still don't have it at the ranch...which is also somewhat torturous.
*In-N-Out really is a great burger. BUT Flipping Out in Tacoma is better...
*People drink alcohol here as much as people drink coffee in Tacoma.
*Jude MUST be sunscreened BEFORE going out in the sun, not 5 minutes after he's been out.
*People around here do not wear tennis shoes/running shoes/sneakers, unless they are actually working out.
*I hear a lot of complaining about "fog". I don't think I have seen any real fog since we've been here...

Can't wait to have internet so we can skype/facebook/blog/google ALL WE WANT! We miss our friends SO much. We have peace. We love being together and on an adventure together!


  1. What a fantastic post! I feel like I just had a two hour conversation with you! I love the way you think and write! Miss you.

  2. Hey, did you ever read my tribute to you in my blog?! :) You'll have to do that sometime. The things I wished I could have said, but didn't.

  3. Hi guys. Been thinking about you. So many are "living by faith" right now. I pray that you will have peace while you wait on the Lord.

    Love you.

  4. This is a great update Brems! We love hearing how you are doing and what you are up to. We will be praying for the Lord to provide Gav with a job that he loves and that provides for the fam!