Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lots of Curve Balls...

Gavin and I were talking a couple of nights ago about how different our lives are from 6 months ago. EVERTHING is different, except that we are still happily married and our kids are still adorable and sweet.
House - We moved from our beautiful, newly remodeled house with lots of amazing neighbors into an older (still awesome) ranch house in the middle of fields of vegetables. No neighbors, no street noise, and a huge yard. Everything we owned except for some of our clothes and the kiddos' sleeping bags were put into storage for two months. We have now moved into a cute 1920's Spanish style house that is 1/2 block away from Salinas High School. I've met one set of neighbors, so far and hoping to meet the rest in the coming weeks We LOVE being back in town and so close to the high school. I cannot wait for high school students to spend their lunch break in my living room!
Climate - I am LOVING the weather here! Its a bit foggy/cool in the morning and beautiful during the day, then cool again in the evening. We have been enjoying walking to and from school everyday and not worrying about getting sopping wet!
Job - Organicgirl is awesome! If you haven't tried their salads yet, you are really missing out! Seriously. I am a total believer in this stuff. In Tacoma, you can find them at Safeway and Metropolitan Market (and Whole Foods if you want to make the trek!). In Salinas, they are at Nob Hill, Star Market and Whole Foods in Monterey. The salads are amazing and different than your normal salad. AND this is so cool...the packaging is made from vegetables! It looks like plastic, but is made completely from vegetables! I think that is so cool! They are SO delicious too. Anyways, Gavin is really enjoying being a part of this company and I am really enjoying the salads and that our family all has health insurance. Plus, for those of you who know me know how I feel about healthy eating! Also, as many of you know, Gav's job was originally asking us to move to the East Bay area of California. Well, we are still here in Salinas (PRAISE GOD) and are going to try to make it all work from here. We are so thankful that Gavin's boss believed in him so much that he was willing to make the job work without the relocation! Also, I think Gavin has been working harder than he ever has before and am so proud of him. He is an amazing provider and has become such a hard worker! What a man!
Church - We have been going to First Presbyterian Church in Salinas. Wow. It is definitely different from what we have been used to in Tacoma, but we are really loving it. We have seen the Lord doing amazing things in this church and really trust the hearts of the leadership. Mostly, we are LOVING the high school ministry! These kids are amazing. We have quickly grown to love them and have had so much fun getting to know them. We have really felt the wind at our backs in ways that we haven't felt in many years in regards to youth ministry. We are SUPER excited for this school year to unfold and to grow in relationship with these students. Gavin has been getting to lead worship a couple of times a week, and I think he is better than he has ever been before. I am in awe of his ability to connect with these students and draw them into worship. He is really excited to raise up a youth worship band and has started meeting and practicing with a group of kids a few weeks ago. I can't wait for the first time the band takes the stage to lead everyone!
School - Noelle started 1st grade! We have felt SO convicted for a very long time that Noelle would go to public school. I am SO stinkin' excited about it. She is such a leader and I truly believe she is a force to be reckoned with! HAHA! She has had two great days, so far. I can't wait to get involved and meet other parents at her school. We are praying for a fast best girlfriend for Noelle, as she has already made two good friends that are boys. :-)
Family - I can't explain how good it is to be around family. My sister and her boys are 25 minutes away and Gavin's parents and siblings are 15 minutes away. It was an amazing moment for me as I filled out the emergency contacts for Noelle's school registration and got to list relatives. I almost cried. Gavin's parents have been taking the kids to breakfast after church on Sunday mornings so Gav and I can go to youth and the kids are truly loving having Jammie and Poppy around on a regular basis. Jane (Gav's mom) even came over last night to put the kids to bed so we could go to youth group. I don't know how I ever functioned the first 6.5 years without this kind of support!
Even though we miss our friends terribly, we are finally beginning to feel at home here. Opening up our storage unit after two months felt like Christmas morning! We are unpacked and loving where we are now. We have high hopes for the future! Love to you all!