Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gavin's Gone Wild

Well, not really. But he is out of town for a while. Gav has been traveling quite a bit for work lately. There are a couple of nice things that happen when he is gone...The kids get mommy's almost undivided attention. When Gavin is traveling, I don't feel the need to keep things as clean or organized and spend WAY more time playing with the munchkins. I also don't prepare big dinners and we just eat what we have and take as few trips to the grocery store as possible. The kids understand right now that he is gone in Mexico, as Noelle informed our waitress at IHOP this morning after dropping Gav off at the airport, "My daddy is in Mexico with high school kids teaching people about Jesus." Yessssss.
We do miss him a lot while he's gone. When he travels for work we get to talk to him on the phone as much as we like, but on this trip its nearly impossible. Jude doesn't quite understand that yet and has already requested to call daddy and tell him about something funny that he did (he ran into the doorway with a cowboy hat on, you know things worthy of making calls to talk about).
The first couple of nights that Gavin is gone are usually not a big deal and actually kind of fun. The kids and I have slumber parties and stay up late and watch tons more tv and movies than normal. Popcorn and hot cocoa are made at odd hours of the evening and who knows which bed(s) we will all end up in. But after the first 2 nights we are usually pretty anxious for daddy to come home. 5 days is the longest trip Gavin has taken away from us in a while, and this one is 6 days long. We have a countdown going...

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