Monday, July 5, 2010

Can I just say...

Noelle is the SWEETEST big sister in the ENTIRE world. Seriously.

Noelle lost another tooth Saturday night and it was quite traumatic for her. She was not emotionally ready for it to be gone and refused to wiggle it for days worrying that she would miss it if it were gone. So, Saturday night she bumped it, it bled, and she sobbed. Mommy came to the rescue, tried to feel the tooth and accidentally pulled it out...oops. I promise you, it was ready and I did not pull it. She moved her head right as I was touching it...I PROMISE! After many tears, a good rinse and a few shouts of, "I trusted you! I trusted you!" she was in bed and settled down. The tooth fairy snuck-in after she fell asleep and guiltily slipped 2 dollars under her pillow hoping to make up for the traumatic loss. The next morning both Noelle and Jude came walking into our bedroom to wake us up. Noelle proudly stated, "The tooth fairy came and gave me 2 dollars, so I gave one to Jude!" Heart melting. Jude proudly shouted, "Look, I have a George Washington!"
Adorable. Cutest kids ever.