Friday, January 28, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow angry?

Its true! I miss Gavin SO much.
My husband has to travel a lot for work lately. He gets to travel to our "home", the Pacific Northwest and visit with our friends while he "works". I know he works. He works hard. Hard enough that I am positive that he hates being away from us. Or is it that I make our home SO appealing that he never wants to leave? Whatever... He has to travel a lot recently and he gets the bonus of seeing our awesome/hilarious/adorable/encouraging friends. I may be jealous.

Regardless, I'm still suffering from homesickness. Tomorrow, I get to travel up to the PNW for the weekend and leave our kids with their awesome grandparents and meet my hubby on a work trip, AND I get to see my sweet, sweet college roommate get married in Seattle. I AM SO HAPPY. I'm already planning out all of the places I'm going to eat this weekend. I love Tacoma/Seattle restaurants. Two words: Wild Orchid. Also, Indochine, The Melting Pot and Flipping Out. I love eating in the PNW. Also, I just love being near my friends.

Absence from Gav makes me love and appreciate him SO much. This long absence from my best friends makes me miss them ridiculously and love them all so much more than I probably ever would have known if we had stayed in WA. Too bad that this is what it took to make us realize it. :-(

Hopefully, I'll be able to hide all of the evidence of me "missing my husband" (nachos, late night tv, junk food) by the time anyone arrives tomorrow....

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