Monday, January 24, 2011

Adventurous Eating

I often affectionately call my husband "idea man". He is always full of crazy ideas, many of which I just politely nod and with great enthusiasm reply, "That's a GREAT idea honey!" fully knowing that it will probably never unfold into reality. Why squash his excitement?

My hubby is also very creative and adventurous. Not "jump out of an airplane" adventurous, but more like "order the weirdest thing on the menu" adventurous. In nearly any restaurant that we go to, I can quickly skim the menu, spot the weirdest thing on it and with full confidence know that when the waiter or waitress arrives to take our order that it will be the likely choice that Gavin makes. I love that. In fact, he was traveling for work last week and texted from the restaurant to tell me he had just ordered a jalapeno beer along with his deep fried pickles and salad. A strange dinner somewhere in Reno. According to his family, it wasn't always that way. Gavin was known to be a ridiculously picky child and teenager and his adventurous eating ways didn't develop until college. Lucky me!

Occasionally, Gavin's adventurous eating spirit makes it's way into our own kitchen. He is a FABULOUS cook. I am always impressed when he makes a meal in our home and never disappointed. Last night though, was very interesting. I think I may have tasted one of the strangest salads of my entire life. Please, don't confuse the word strangest with with the word grossest, because it wasn't gross...just, well strange.

Gavin popped into the kitchen around dinner time and said with excitement, "I have an idea for a salad!" "Go for it!" I replied, grateful to be relieved of the dinner duties. When he called us in for dinner I was slightly taken aback, but mostly curious as he finished up topping my GIANT meal of a salad. It looked pretty, but still strange.

Here's what was in the weird salad: Organic mixed greens, quinoa, slices of chicken jalapeno sausage, green bell pepper, pepperoncinis and instead of salad dressing, it was topped with BUFFALO SAUCE! Wow! If you like a flavor explosion in your mouth, you'll love this!

I LOVE my husband and his adventurous palate.


  1. Wow - that is a pretty adventurous salad, although, as I look at the ingredients, I can see how it could work. Even though I'm the cook of the house, Carlos will oftentimes throw out an idea towards the ingredient list. Sometimes I indulge it, sometimes I don't =)

  2. I'm taking you to that restaurant, you will have the jalapeno beer, and you will never doubt me again! And I'm already thinking of way sto improve this salad. But the buffalo sauce is STAYING!