Sunday, January 30, 2011


Gavin and I took a weekend whirlwind trip to our homeland (Washington) for a dear friend's wedding. Although our flight home was fairly uneventful, it was quite awkward.

When we arrived at our gate at the airport in Seattle I noticed a cute, trendy-dressed pregnant lady ready to board the plane. She was wearing a light pink scarf around her neck and for some reason it solidified in my mind that she must be pregnant with a girl. I guessed she was probably 5 or 6 months pregnant and as we lolly-gagged around, she boarded the plane well ahead of us. Gavin and I were seated separately when we finally got on the plane and after a bit of shuffling seats found ourselves seated together and right next to the cute pregnant lady. As I shoved my purse under my seat "How far along are you?" almost came blurting right out of my mouth. Don't worry though...I reigned it in and instead brought up the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills article she was reading in her People Magazine. She totally looked pregnant, but you just can never be too sure. I wasn't really in the mood for a long chat and could tell she wasn't either, so I buckled-up and grabbed the magazine that I had just purchased for the flight.

When the beverage cart came along, Gavin ordered a ginger ale and I asked for a Diet Coke and when the flight attendant asked cute, pregnant lady what she was having, she ordered a "Vodka Seven". I thought I must've heard that wrong. Nope. The flight attendant handed her a cup of 7-up and a mini-bottle of Vodka. Wow.

A few thoughts that ran through my head:
*Maybe she is thinking that some studies say that one drink a day is okay...But wasn't that talking about a glass of wine and not VODKA?
*Maybe I'm on that one tv reality show where they put you in ridiculous situations and see if you'll say something? Where are those tv cameras?
*Maybe she's not really pregnant and I just made that up in my mind. It must just be a big poofy jacket...
*What do I do, what do I do, what do I do??????????? GAH!
*Is anyone else seeing this?????? Flight attendant??? Gavin???
*Wait, is she pregnant?
*Ummmm...she might not be pregnant...Those are high-heeled boots and I'm not sure any pregnant lady wears those, but then again, we are going to California.
*If she orders a second, I'm going to have to ask her if she's pregnant.
*Is this any of my business???
*Oh good, she only poured a little bit in.
*Where the heck are those tv cameras???

I buried my head in my magazine and tried to distract myself with the in-flight crossword puzzle as cute, pregnant(?) girl polished off her beverage. Thankfully, the Seattle to San Jose flight is pretty short and only allows for one beverage service. Cute pregnant/not pregnant girl made a comment to me about her husband being addicted to Angry Birds as I continued to try to distract myself while nonchalantly studying/staring at her stomach still trying to determine whether there was a baby in there or not.

When our flight finally arrived in San Jose and we emerged from the plane, you better believe I was checking my new friend out. It took every ounce of self-control in me not to follow her into the restroom to see if she would come out of the bathroom stall without a coat on so I could see what was really going on under there. Alas, I determined that cute pregnant girl was in fact, not pregnant at all. She was just wearing a terribly unflattering outfit. SO thankful I didn't ask about her pregnancy...Can you imagine how awkward that would have made the flight?

Here's a photo of my beautiful friend at her wedding and our college roomies...minus Rachel. :-)


  1. Wow. I am glad the "awkward" title wasn't in reference to us :) And I am really glad that lady wasn't pregnant!

  2. I think the better way to ask is "Do you have any children?" Haha...good thing you didn't say anything.