Sunday, January 23, 2011

I wish I liked my dog.

I really do. I'm sure I love her, but I just don't like her. You'd think I would be a "dog person" having grown up around dogs. In fact, I've had quite a few dogs:

1. Snuggles - I got Snuggles as a reward for not wetting the bed anymore when I was very small. I have no memory of what ever happened to Snuggles.
2. Buddy - He was a "hand me down" dog from our neighbor when I was 4 or 5. Buddy was old and laid around all day long. I think we may have had him for a year before he died.
3. Lucky - Lucky was a pretty Siberian Husky that ran away after about a year.
4. Caesar - She was a big fluffy dog that I loved. Someone stole her.
5. Kayo (Poophead) - Poophead was my favorite dog. He was a rescue dog we got when I was 9 and he lived until I was 23 and married. He ran really fast and smelled really bad. Not really a cute dog, but very sweet.
6. Chewy - A puppy we got in high school that died from some strange illness about a month after we got him.
7. Mandy - A GIANT Elkhound that we got when I was in junior high and she was already OLD. She lived for a handful of years and stunk us out of every room.
8. ? - I forgot the name of the puppy my sister ran over when she had her LEARNER'S PERMIT.
9. Bindi the Jungle Dog Brem - our current canine. We've had her for 2 years and 2 months now.

I feel like I should like dogs.
I don't shy away from responsibility, I'm social, I like to cuddle, I like walks and runs - all the makings of a dog lover. I just don't. Maybe its that I just don't "get" Bindi. I'm convicted that even though I don't want to be a pet owner (we have 1 dog, 1 lizard and 2 fish) that because I chose to be one (kinda?) that I at least have to be a good pet owner. Of course, I feed Bindi, play with her, walk her, take her to the park, take her on runs and buy her Christmas presents. We let her sleep in a house in the garage with a cozy bed. She has a pet-bed outside and plenty of toys to play with and chew on. The kids play with her and give her treats. We've taught her how to sit, lay-down, stay, fetch and roll over. We take her out the ranch and let her run free and chase squirrels. She has playdates with her "cousins" Joey and Chase. For the record, I am not a bad pet owner. But how does Bindi repay me? By eating my plants, pooping in my yard, digging up my flower beds, destroying anything that has accidentally been left in her path, pulling the stuffing out of her bed and dragging it across the entire backyard on multiple occasions, and wiping her snot all over the sliding glass door. So fun. In fact, it seems like the more attention that I pay her, the more she destroys!

There were a couple of weeks recently where Bindi got little attention besides the regular food and water stops. During that time, I can't think a single thing she destroyed. More recently, I've been taking her to parks, frequent walks and paying lots of attention to her...and she is repaying good with evil.


  1. =( Chloe hasn't destroyed anything yet (that I know of) but she's either in her crate or out snuggling/playing with us. So I guess that keeps her on a pretty short leash. That, and, we don't have a yard for her to mess up. There were a couple of days where she blatantly pooped right in front of me. I took it personally. Mostly the day (my birthday) that she pooped on my shoe....that I was currently wearing.

  2. It's ok to not like dogs. What a nice sacrifice you are making for your kids to have a dog. I'm just glad my kids don't really ask us for one. Holy moly, Lesley ran over one of them?