Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just plain old thankful...

First of all, I LOVE high school students. I love their drama, their hormones, their silliness, their desire to be known, and of their desperate attempts to fit in. I love nearly everything about them.

Secondly, I was reminded tonight about how thankful that I am to have both received and learned to give (sometimes not perfectly) true forgiveness. I'm thankful for my pastor Brian Brennt pounding forgiveness of others into us and showing it a million times over. I'm thankful for one night in college when I forgave the person that did the worst thing ever to me and I meant it. And it was miraculous. And I was healed of all of the bitterness and anger that I had been carrying for years. I'm thankful that Jesus forgives me for the sins that I commit every 10 seconds and that he gives me strength to forgive anyone and everyone, including myself.

I should be a bitter, angry woman. I shouldn't have a blissfully happy marriage and have so much joy over my kids. I should be pissed-off all of the time, but I'm not because of Jesus. His kindness and love for me RESCUED me. I am not only spiritually redeemed for eternity, but emotionally healed and redeemed for my life on earth.

I'm thankful tonight for forgiveness, and that when its done, its done. Gone forever as far as East is to the West.


  1. Yay! I love that you're blogging. It's fun to catch up on your life from afar. See you in two weeks - can't wait!!!