Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My kids do this weekly thing at church called "Awanas". I wasn't so sure that I wanted them to attend because honestly, it seemed pretty nerdy. But they LOVE it. Maybe they are nerdy? Not possible... (Hey, I know Jude needs a haircut).

At Awanas they earn little badges and little jewels for their badges by memorizing scriptures. For Jude, this is "easy, peasy, lemon squeezy" (Noelle's words). He's one of those people who has the gift to memorize everything. If you're ever bored waiting in a Dr.'s office, just ask Jude to recite a movie, tv show or book for you. You could be entertained for hours. Seriously though, the kid has about a million Bible verses memorized and I have NEVER practiced with him. Noelle is more like the rest of us, who have to practice things like memorization. She's SUPER smart, but she has to actually practice and study, unlike Jude. Don't worry though, she gets him back when it comes to all things athletic.

Tonight, Jude came home with his next jewel for memorizing 2 new verses. Noelle had practiced and practiced her last verse to get her next jewel, but came home empty-handed. No big deal to me, but she was a little sad about it. When I asked her what happened she replied, "I just have so much other stuff going on in my head. Its hard to fit it all in there." Well said, my love, well said. I can surely identify with that one.


  1. Is it me or would Jude have passed for a Flock of Seagulls fan had he been alive in the '80s?

  2. We were in Awana's as kids... I had the same problem as Noelle. Though, I probably came home in tears!

  3. i had some friends in awana when i was a kid. i never was, and i never really knew what it was. then one day on the radio i heard about michael landon's daughter who got herself into all sorts of trouble when she got mixed up with the marijuana crowd... and let's just say, this had me totally confused and pretty freaked out. ha!

    nice work both jude and noelle...way to get yourselves mixed up with the awana crowd! :)