Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ode To My Neti-Pot

How I love you neti-pot,
Thanks for cleaning out my snot.

It took while, but now I'm believing
Because my sinuses, you are relieving.

For years I lived on Amoxicillin
But thanks to you, so good I'm feelin'.

When I use you, I may look like a doofus,
But I can't resist how you clear my mucus.

Every morning with your warm water cleaning
Feels so good and brings life new meaning.

No longer do I suffer from those pesky infections,
Thanks to your lovely sinus inspections.

As I mix your salt and water brew,
I think how forever I'm indebted to you.

The boogers and germs flow out of my nose,
Then down the drain is where it goes.

You have changed my life you sweet little pot,
With illness now I'm no longer fraught.

To live without you, I'll never do,
I'll always let you clean my nose goo.


  1. I was SERIOUSLY considering this purchase today. You have swayed me!

  2. That poem displays some serious talent. :) I've never used an official Neti pot, but I did a homemade one once using my brother's hockey waterbottle. He was not amused.

  3. Your blog makes me laugh. This is the kind of humor I remember you having so many years ago. Ha ha! Remember the McDonald's song. McDonald's is my kind of place......Coca Cola up your nose.....

  4. Thanks Sarah! I already taught that song to my kids!!!!!! Love it!!!

  5. Annie, you should totally try the neti-pot! Its awesome! Thanks for the compliment! :-)