Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think I've recovered long enough to finally speak of this. Its been about a month since "the event" occurred.

It was our 2010 family Christmas card photo shoot day. We had beautified the kids and ourselves after church that Sunday afternoon and were running late to meet our adorable photographer, Jaime. After getting Jude dressed and cleaned-up, he headed to his usual "think tank" (the potty) and began what I would describe as a marathon poo. I literally have no idea how long he was on there, but it was long enough to annoy me and leave a nice toilet-sized red ring around his buns and legs. I was rushing around grabbing coats for everyone, primping myself in the bathroom, putting on jewelry and trying to herd the family towards the door with frequent beckons (and eventual begging) to Jude to hurry-up and get off of the potty. Noelle and Gavin were patiently waiting in the car when I was finally ready to go and there was still no sign that Jude was near ready to leave his throne.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I marched right into that bathroom and told Jude he was done and we were leaving. I forced Jude to stand-up and as I leaned over to help him wipe, ONE OF MY EARRINGS FELL INTO THE TOILET. I didn't notice, but Jude said something like, "The circle is in the toilet" which meant nothing to me and I shrugged him off and told him to flush and hurry-up because we were late and had to go. Jude insisted while pointing and staring into the potty that "my circle was in the toilet" and finally (mostly to humor him) I grudgingly walked over to glance in the potty. SICK. It was at the bottom and there was nothing in sight to help me AND Gavin was out in the car AND we were late AND I didn't really want anyone to know because I REALLY wanted to wear those earrings that day. So, I did what any woman who wants to wear something really bad would do and I reached right in. After many gags, groans, gasps and a few choice words, my earring was out. I scrubbed my earring (and my hand!) with diligence before popping that earring right back into my ear and running out the door. And I never told Gavin...

The photos turned out great!


  1. hahahahaha Only a mom could do it...the pictures look great though =)

  2. Hahaha!!! Patty, I'd never know that you were wearing an earring that was face to face with Jude's poop! :) You're so great!

  3. That's when we were didn't tell me either!! That would have been fun to laugh about!