Monday, January 17, 2011

Rest In Peace little Spongey

We had our 9th (I think?) fish funeral today. Our beloved Spongey the goldfish was euthanized this afternoon and is now with Jesus in "Fish Heaven". At this point, there are still many tears involved in the death of fish around our house and we still gather around the toilet and say our goodbye's. Once, we buried one of our dead fish in the yard under a lovely flowering bush. It was heartbreaking when Noelle discovered that the neighborhood cat had come for a little snack. So, now all of our fish are flushed when they move on to the afterlife.

Spongey was a good fish. I think we had him for around a good 6 weeks, or so. He has not turned out to be a cheap goldfish though. Over FIFTY dollars now. Yikes. That's another story...

But we can sleep peacefully in the Brem household tonight now that Spongey has been replaced and the pet population is back to normal (ridiculous) in our home. Welcome to our family "Coffee". You better survive longer than 6 weeks or I'm having words with the dude at the pet store.


  1. When we were younger, I think both Katelyn and I had one goldfish each. After those goldfish died, mom started getting those little blue and red neon fish in bunches. Then it wasn't so sad when they died, because we'd just get some more. Don't go to Pet Fun for fish though, when we were "refilling" our tank with some more neon fish, they killed off all of our old ones. haha