Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ever since our kids were really little, we have literally brainwashed them about how they are going to go to college. We lived near our alma mater when they were small and would frequently walk around and play on the campus. For many years now, Noelle has told us that she is going to go to PLU (Pacific Lutheran University) someday - which excites us, but also frightens us (have you looked at private school tuition recently?). Even Jude gets in on the "college talk" and dreams of the day when he goes to college so "he can be the boss". Noelle frequently talks of all of the pets she's going to fill her college house with and which friends that she wants to join her at PLU (Amy P. and Carrie J - You guys better start saving your pennies for your kids to attend there!). I honestly don't care about our kids attending our alma mater (that alumni discount probably won't make significant dent in tuition), but love the fact that they already know that college is something to look forward to.

College came up in conversation this morning as I walked Noelle and her friends to school and I once again took the opportunity to brainwash my child into going to college. At PLU, we had this great tradition started by the beloved Frosty Westering who was the long-time and extremely successful (and loved!) football coach, called the "Attaway Cheer". As we walked to school this morning, we did the "Attaway Cheer" for everyone we walked with.

It goes like this:
(One person leads and the rest repeat what they say)

Hey Lutes! (Hey Lutes!)
Go Lutes! (Go Lutes!)
Attaway! (Attaway!)

"Lutes" is interchangeable with anyone's name like: Hey Noelle! (Hey Noelle!) Go Noelle! (Go Noelle!) Attaway! (Attaway!) Attaway!

You can also use it for a group of people (I honestly once heard this from the football team after a team dinner): Hey Catering! (Hey Catering!) Go Catering! (Go Catering!) Attaway! (Attaway!) Attaway!

The girls "Attawayed" their way to school this morning and even gave me an Attaway cheer before we walked onto their campus.

As proud as I am of my alma mater, I did have a moment of slight embarrassment during a part of the conversation this morning. Noelle asked me to remind her what PLU stood for and I replied Pacific Lutheran University. Noelle then asked, "What's Lutheran?" and I quickly responded, "Its a kind of church. Our mascot is the "Lutes", which is short for Lutherans." Puzzled, Noelle asked, "So someone dresses up like a church?"

Um...I wish...

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