Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mom Uniform

Yesterday, as I was throwing my clothes on and ready to run out the door with the kids, two words flashed into my mind: "Mom Uniform". These words were describing my outfit for the day (and most days) as I got dressed.

I refuse to be "that mom" that walks her kids to school in her bathrobe (although I would LOVE to do that). I know "that mom", and I was "that mom" when my kids were in a very private, small Christian school in which I only saw my very close friends when I dropped my kids off. But now, my munchkins attend a public school and I try to look a little bit like I didn't just roll out of bed, give my kids a pop-tart and jump in the van (PS - I have NEVER given my kids pop-tarts and I don't drive a van).

I do, however, wear yoga pants and running pants an awful lot. NOT sweats...yoga pants and running pants. I'm at the point where I think it would be really great to own 14 different warm-up suits and rotate through them bi-weekly (they're cute, right?). As things stand right now, I often throw on yesterdays jeans or my running pants along with a cute (in my opinion) t-shirt and some running shoes and then head out for the day.

I DO NOT understand how those glamorous moms do it. I've tried cute shoes and/or boots for the day...How in the heck do they possibly clean their homes, do the laundry, walk the doggy, volunteer in the classroom and run/walk to the school to pick up their children 3 times each day in those things? I've tried. I just seem to move MUCH slower in those things than I do in my trusty sneakers. I get things done in my sneakers. I LOVE my sneakers. They are a vital part of my mom uniform.

I'd love to be a beautified mom (I do wear earrings and lip-gloss with my running/yoga pants...that counts, right?). I just don't see how it's possible.

PPS - Please don't confuse "mom uniform" with "mom jeans"...that's an entirely different problem altogether.


  1. You've never given your kids pop-tarts???

    And I only wear my running shoes for running. I think it's because my feet are giant and they look even bigger with running shoes. I wish this wasn't the case because I have seen some SUPER cute tennis shoes Id love the wear often.

  2. Leggings and ballet flats. It's like pajamas and slippers, trust me.

  3. Patti...I love this post...and I just have to say two things...1. You inspired me to get dressed in clothes...I am wearing a dress with leggings and all I am doing is babysitting 4 kids plus my two :)...2. You ARE one of those glamorous mom's...every time I see you I think...how does she do it? Patti is so naturally beautiful! Pretty sure that lip gloss and earnings are doing it for you! :) Love, Candace

  4. "I'm at the point where I think it would be really great to own 14 different warm-up suits and rotate through them bi-weekly"

    Can you say Sue Sylvester?! Haha, I love it! I practically live in my yoga pants and running clothes, too. First thing I put on every morning. That way if I get a chance to get out the door for a run, I'm ready!
    I DO NOT follow celebs as a habit, and feel like a nerd for saying this, but check out Gwyneth's "mom uniform":
    It inspires me (in little ways) to reach beyond my assorted collection of Patagonia active mesh sports bras. :P

  5. Carina - Any particular brand of ballet flats? I have some flats and they are not great when I'm busily cleaning.

    Candace- You are too sweet to me! I wore a dress with leggings yesterday too! - just to break out of the habit a bit. :-)

    Corena - TOTALLY Sue Sylvester!!! Haha! I need one of those red ones like hers. I'm right there with you about the running. I think thats part of the reason I wear my running clothes so often - just hoping I'll get to run sometime in the day.

    Thanks for reading my blog guys!

  6. Corena - I just checked that link and I am inspired!!!! That's awesome!!

  7. Well, I lived in a pair from Old Navy for about 3 years. Probably not ideal for my feet, but I still love them. Also have a couple of cute pairs from Rocket Dog. But honestly, when I am at home, I am usually barefoot. :)

  8. You guys are cracking me up!

    Patty, I love Miz Moos shoes - they are cute, leather and lots of ballet flat options. You can buy some heels or wedges, but they are so cozy! I wear them when I am working, which tends to be about 12-16 hours on my feet.

    I am loving my new (cute) jean skirt and spanx leggings. Love, love them! Plus, I just got some Toms which are the BEST!!!!


  9. PS - Miz Moos can be expensive, but worth it. I have found some at Nordstrom Rack and some discount online shoe stores.