Monday, February 21, 2011

Boys are strange creatures.

I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that I may never understand men. I'm okay with that. And I'm glad I'm a girl.

A few days ago I found myself spying on my sweet hubby playing on the trampoline with Jude after I heard Jude laughing hysterically. I was surprised to see that they weren't jumping at all and that Gavin was laying flat on his stomach on the trampoline. I watched as Jude would repeatedly stand-up and attempt to run around the trampoline as Gavin would stretch his arm out and trip Jude. Jude would fall flat on his face and the two would bust out laughing. I watched this repeat at least 10 times. Then, I saw Gavin punch Jude in the buns which made Jude laugh and then Jude body-slammed Gavin which made both of them laugh. Boys are SO weird.

Often around our house Jude or Gavin will walk into a room and punch the other one in the buns/arm/leg/gut. The receiver of the punch will then grunt and groan until they both erupt in laughter.

If someone walked into a room and punched me I would cry. A lot.

Boys are also very weird about video games. The joke around our house is that "Mommy would rather poke herself in the eye than play a video game" - and its mostly true. I do like playing Wii Sports occasionally, but that's just about it. Something about sitting around and playing a video game like Star Wars Legos makes me feel carsick. The boys in this family would be completely content to sit around for hours and play video games (I'm thankful that it NEVER happens though!). And they don't just play the video games, they get totally into them whooping and hollering and swinging controls all over the place. In fact, today Gavin got SO into sword fighting on our Wii Sports resorts game that he full-force whacked Noelle in the side of her head as he was swinging his remote around. It was one of the saddest and most hilarious things I have ever seen in my life. My poor, poor husband. He felt awful. And my sweet, sweet girl was stunned that as she was sitting peacefully and cheering her Daddy on in his sword fight - from out of nowhere she gets smacked in the side of the head. Don't worry, it only left a little bit of a mark. We did have to create some new "boundary rules" when playing video games in the Brem home. I think everyone will be staying clear of Daddy while he plays from here on out anyway...

I love you honey! You are such a handsome, funny, super-extra smart, nice, kind, really, really, really good dad and husband, happy, extra funny, super-strong, joyful, fun, lovely man. Buttered up now? Good...

Love you!


  1. Why do you only have pictures of me eating?

  2. Also, I had not played a video game for MONTHS. (And this is the thanks I get...) Love you too.