Friday, February 11, 2011

Broken Brain

Usually, Gavin works from home about once each week. The rest of the week he is traveling all over the states of California, Washington, Oregon or Nevada. His work-at-home days aren't necessarily as nice and relaxing as you'd hope and are generally just a tease for us. He's home, but he's not really home because he can't really enjoy being here and participate in our normal "home things".

A couple of weeks ago, I had a super busy day and it was a day that Gavin was working from home. I was running all over the place, working in Noelle's classroom and preparing a talk for our high school group. Jude was already home from school that day (he's only in school half-day) and because of our crazy, busy day he was allowed to play an abnormal amount of the Wii. After a while, Gavin told Jude that he had played enough and it was time to turn off the Wii.

Jude's usual reply: "Why?"
Gavin: "Because it's not good for your brain to play so much."
Jude: "Not good for my brain?"
Gavin (trying to help Jude understand): "Playing too many video games could break your brain."
Jude (VERY loud, dramatically and in tears): "OH NO!!! MY BRAIN IS BROKEN!!! MY BRAIN HURTS AND MY BRAIN IS BROKEN!!!"

Thanks honey.

Since then, Jude has talked about his brain every single day.

"My brain hurts."

"Will that break my brain?"

"I bonked my head on the trampoline and now my brain hurts."

And my favorite...
"The sun is making my brain hot."


  1. I like "the sun is making my brain hot." =)

  2. Funny.
    Last year I when I coached Peyton's basketball team there was a really skinny boy who would come to me holding his chest with one hand and his lower back with the other hand and say in a pained voice "My spiiiine hurts". And really draw out the spine word.