Monday, February 28, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Widow

Four baseball seasons ago, my husband decided to join up with some buddies in a Fantasy Baseball League. That same baseball season seriously made me question the vows that I had made to my husband on our wedding day and if they were worth stickin' to.

Gavin has definitely gotten less obsessed with checking his scores/teams/ every 3.9 seconds for the ENTIRE LENGTH OF BASEBALL SEASON, but still really enjoys fantasy baseball (I know this because of the squeal with glee that he let out when he received an email today updating him on this season's draft).

Now, I like baseball. I enjoy eating my way through a handful of games every season and I have been a faithful fan to my home-team (Go Mariners!) for my entire life. Although, I'm not the kind of fan who knows all the stats (or the names of all of the players), but I always root for the M's and now for my hubby's favorite team, the Giants. I always attend a handful of games each season and keep up with who's playing in the World Series every year. My husband LOVES baseball. I like it, he LOVES it. I'm more of a "read a magazine/text message my friends/talk about what else we should eat while we watch a game fan" and Gavin is a real, true, baseball lovin' fan. It's not exactly a perfect match.

Last year, I had the idea that I should really put more effort into paying attention to the ol' MLB in order to be able to carry-on conversations with my husband and his family (TRUE baseball fans) without nodding like a robot and pretending that I care. It was harder than it sounds. I did learn most of the names of the players on the Giants, watched many games on TV and in the stadium (and paid attention!), asked my husband lovingly about his fantasy baseball teams (and actually listened!) and even attempted (mostly unsuccessfully) to keep up with a few of the baseball conversations.

I'm REALLY throwing it all in the ring this year and taking the "If you can't beat em', join em'!" attitude. My husband stared at me with adoration and awe (and maybe a teensy bit of doubt?) as I announced to him that I wanted to join a Fantasy Baseball League this year. He sweetly stifled a giggle and asked, "Why?"...good question. Answer: I love my husband and want to talk baseball with him because he loves it.

That being said, any other Fantasy Baseball Widows want to join me in an "all-ladies" league this coming baseball season? No more robotic nodding and pretending that we care!

This year will be different. I've even purchased my very own Giants t-shirt. My kids and husband are proud.

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