Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My mom left today for a long drive back to Oklahoma. Boo. I begged her to stay, but she thought it was a better idea to return home to her husband, house, exchange students and 9873947934 dogs. Boo.

We celebrated her going-away by shopping yesterday (her favorite past time) at Cost Plus World Market - which I LOVE. We didn't spend much, but it sure is fun to drool my way through the food and candy sections.

We did, however, buy a couple gifts for my munchkins. Noelle REALLY loves giraffes. She is our "animal genius" and loves to study all animals, (remember how we own WAY too many pets? Blame Noelle) but her favorite by far are giraffes. World Market carries all kinds of cutesy giraffey things, so this is a place I should really avoid (I have a hard time not buying presents for my sweet, sweet babies).

Knowing that she was leaving soon, my mom grabbed a giraffe mug for Noelle (it is SO cute!) as a little gift. She told me that she needed to get a gift for Jude since she had one for Noelle, but in reality - Jude could care less. Seriously, the boy wouldn't even notice if he didn't get anything. I tried to tell my mom this and free her from the pressure of buying for my kids in equality. My mom reminded me that even though Jude wouldn't notice, Noelle definitely would. Not since Noelle was born has she EVER gotten a treat/gift/snack/meal/drink of water without making sure there was one for her brother. On MANY occasions, she has even come home from school and declared that ""So-in-so" had a birthday and they brought cupcakes to school and I saved one for Jude!" as she pulled out a mushed-up cupcake from her backpack. And I am so thankful. And I love it. And she is the cutest.

So, Jude got a water bottle with a monkey face on it. And he likes it, but hasn't looked at it since.

Look at my cute Mom. (Sorry mom, I couldn't resist posting this photo).

Noelle and Grammy at Noelle's favorite place in the entire universe...a candy store.

My sweet girl and her cousin riding in the car at the ranch (seriously, who could resist that face???!).


  1. I love the photo of the kids! Very creative!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Jaime! I'm having a great time learning and playing with my new camera!!

  3. "9873947934 dogs" Laugh. Out. Stinkin'. Loud.
    I just know this too well.

    What kind of camera?? Do tell!