Thursday, February 17, 2011

I just found out that umbrella's really work.

I'm having a debate with myself right now about whether I've actually become a "weather wimp" since moving to California or if the weather here recently is in reality, awful.

The facts in favor of me NOT being a "weather wimp":

*The only umbrella I've owned since childhood (until recently) was a gag gift sent from relatives in California when we lived in Washington.

*My kids and I don't own rain boots.

*I walked my kids to school this morning when it was just drizzling.

Little tiny things that make me doubt myself and my "True Northwestness":

*I drove 1.5 blocks to pick the munchkins up from school because it was too rainy.

*I do now own an umbrella (and so does Noelle) and I've already used it multiple times today...and I liked it.

*I forgot to wear anything fleece today (which I think is a perfect thing to wear on a day like today).

*I don't own any Gore-tex right now.

*All day long I've been running to put my dog outside when its not raining and hurrying to bring her in when it starts raining (maybe it's Bindi that is the wimp?).

Dang it.

Well, in my defense it is really, really, icky outside right now and has been all day. Also, the schools around here don't have any covered areas to stand under to avoid the rain while I waited for the kids to get out of school, so I had to use an umbrella to keep Jude dry (So what if he had a hood and a raincoat on? The umbrella was SO necessary!).

Also, Californian's DO NOT know how to deal with rain. This place is totally unprepared for rain even though it rains here every year! Who knew? Not me. I may have questioned my desires to move here had I known. Did you know that none of the elementary schools have gyms? We had to cancel the kids' basketball practice because of RAIN since the basketball courts are all outdoors. So very weird. No one here has ever heard of a "play shed". That's where we played dodgeball or stood around at recess when it rained! You mention a "play shed" around here and you get some very strange looks.

So, I'm blaming California. Its not me who's softened, its just that California is unprepared. Let's just go with that.

I'm going to go put my super (un)sexy 10 year-old pullover fleece on, now that I've reminded myself how awesome fleece is on rainy days.

See??? It's really yucky out! I'm not makin' this up!

Also, Uggs in the rain = bad idea.


  1. You are so funny. The whole world should read this blog.

  2. Whoever is married to you is a lucky guy.

  3. I bet you're pretty hot.

  4. Every day here is awful drizzly gray terrible horrible weather. Can you tell what kind of mood I am in regarding this weather we are having? Ugh.

    And no indoor basketball courts??? That is just unimaginable. One of the main reasons I have talked my kids into not playing soccer is because basketball is indoors.

  5. I grew up in Vegas and we had play sheds. Granted, they were for shade in summer as opposed to rain.

  6. Maria - I totally thought the same thing! I didn't want my kids to play soccer because of being in the cold, but last soccer season here was beautiful and warm every game. Basketball has been poopy weather. At least our games are indoors, but every team (from every age level) has to share ONE gym at the local rec center. Makes scheduling a nightmare.

    Crystal- I had no idea that they would have play sheds in Vegas. Totally makes sense though.