Saturday, February 19, 2011

Impressed with my man and his man-cold.

Some kind of nasty cold/sinusy virus has taken us out this week. I've been neti-potting away and downing vitamins, mucinex and dayquil by the handfuls and trying to get back to health as quickly as possible. It's not really working. Thankfully, the munchkins have been spared this round, but Gavin and I were not so lucky and have been waking up wondering who snuck into our house in the middle of the night and punched us in the face while we were sleeping. Yikes.

Typically, when Mommy gets sick in our house, things go less than smoothly. Laundry piles up, dishes pile up, and all of the food left on the kids' faces piles up. My husband is an extremely hard worker and does an amazing job providing for our family, but when it comes to filling the role of mommy when I'm gone/sick - let's just say that we fully understand that we are a perfect match for each other.

However, this week has been a strange twist on the usual happenings of the Brem sick routine.

In reality, I just didn't have time to be sick this week. Too many things to do. Kids don't stop eating/needing clean clothes/having birthday parties and friends from far away don't change their vacation plans just because I get sick. The world does not revolve around me and my health (although I sometimes act like it does). I may not be the smartest mom in the universe having gotten sick the week of my 8 year-old's birthday slumber party, but thank you Lord, the party went of without a hitch AND I got a full nights sleep (I have a trick for that!). It's a birthday party miracle!

Here's where my husband is the BOMB. Even though he was sick and stayed home from work on Friday (don't worry, I didn't make him participate in the 8 year-old girl mayhem) he sucked it up on Saturday and dragged himself to the basketball games of BOTH of our children (coaching one of them), WHILE SICK and without complaint, sent me on my way up to the city for the day. Even though I was feeling pretty poopy, my dear, sweet friend Jenny Muellenbach was visiting San Francisco for the weekend and I had made plans to see her and my other dear, sweet friend Jaime Greene. The lure of friends and good food in the city is too much to resist even when feeling sick as a dog. (Where in the world did the phrase, "sick as a dog" come from and what in the HECK does it mean anyway?)

In my Dayquil haze I made my way up to the city and spent the afternoon stuffing myself full of delicious city food ie: Deep dish vegetarian pizza, beer, coffee and pie. All in one deliciously good afternoon. Boy, I miss being close to the city and within arm's reach of city food. Oh, how I love city food. (I'll let you know exactly what "city food" means when I figure it out, but I know deep down in my heart what it is). Jaime is a fabulous photographer and she spent much of the afternoon tutoring me and my new camera (Yay for free photography lessons!). She is a GREAT teacher.

I left the city just as my Dayquil was starting to wear off, sadly saying goodbye to my sweet friends and making the trek back to my sick, bomb of a husband who had cleaned up the disaster left behind from the slumber party before crashing on the couch and chugging from the Nyquil bottle. What a good man. I grabbed the Nyquil bottle from our dresser, took a swig and we both fell asleep on the couch before dragging ourselves to bed last night.

Today, we are actually resting (and skipping church! Gah!) and letting our bodies try to regain some level of health before the chaos of this week begins. Praise God for the man or woman who invented Dayquil, Nyquil, Mucinex and neti-pots. And deep dish vegetarian pizza.

The birthday girl and her friends all cozied-up for bed.

It tasted as good as it looks. I'm drooling just looking at it right now. Deep dish pizza is really good for colds/sinusy viruses, I promise.

My beautiful friend Jaime and her trusty sidekick, Nikon.

Now, if I could only find one of these that said, "I left my heart in Tacoma". Has a great ring to it, huh?

The ferry building in SF and a cute Asian girl and her cute boots. I love cute, little Asian girls.

Jenny loved her Apple Pie!

Pear-Raspberry Pie is really, really good for colds/sinusy viruses too. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere...


  1. I made it into the blog! It was absolutely WONDERFUL to see you yesterday!! And I love your pictures... yay for friends who can teach us about white balance & iso. loves.

  2. Pitter-Patty, I am most impressed with Gavin's abilities to power through his man-cold. He might want to mentor other men in this, I can think of a few who could use it!
    Love your pictures, you are already a natural. They are beautiful!