Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kindergarten Basketball

Let me just say that if I ever had any doubts that Jude wouldn't be a professional athlete that I am now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will never happen.

Gavin and I are coaching Jude's kindergarten/1st grade basketball team and we had our first game yesterday. First of all, I am VERY thankful that my kid was not the only kid on the court that was causing uproarious laughter among the gymnasium. BUT, my kid was the ONLY one with both of his hands up his shorts during the quarters he played in the game. He wasn't the only one who got so distracted that he wandered off of the court to check out the moveable hoop. He was the only one who got so into the last 30 seconds of the timeclock countdown that he couldn't concentrate on anything but the clock. I'm also thankful that Jude wasn't the only kid who threw himself on the floor with a loud "NOOOOOO!" anytime the other team scored a basket, although he was the only kid at the end of the game who headed straight for the foosball table after the game instead of getting a snack and a drink.

Best entertainment of the year.