Friday, February 4, 2011

The Mayor

We moved into our current house about 9 months ago. We live on a lovely little street that is pretty quiet and doesn't get much traffic. We've met most of the neighbors on our block and have even made friends with many of them. Since moving here, we have heard rumors about one particular neighbor that is often referred to as "The Mayor" of our street. This neighbor likes things a certain way and isn't afraid to make sure you know about it.

A few days ago, I had the "pleasant" experience of finally meeting The Mayor.

Monday is garbage day on our street and Gavin is the "garbage man" of our household. We made that decision before we even got married during our pre-marriage counseling. I have issues that stem from my childhood dealing with taking out the garbage (fear of being eaten by a bear and things like that) that I'm sure I'll tell you about another time. Anyway, I pretty much take care of all of the cleaning in our home and Gavin takes care of all things relating to emptying garbage cans and making money.

Sunday night our family garbage man put the city-issued trash can and recycling bin out to be picked-up by the garbage truck. He spent 10+ hours working on Monday and forgot to bring the cans back to their cozy nook on the side of our house that evening. Occasionally, I'll grab the cans and drag them in, but I also had a super busy day and just didn't even notice that they were out and forgot to grab them. Tuesday, my husband got up super early for a work presentation 3 hours from home in Sacramento and again, forgot about those pesky garbage cans sitting by our driveway. Mind you, this is ONLY TUESDAY and garbage day was MONDAY.

Jude and I hit good ol' Trader Joe's around lunchtime and when we pulled into our home's driveway and started unloading groceries, I finally noticed that the cans were still out and ran out and grabbed the garbage bin and hauled it up the driveway back to its proper place on the side of our house. I then grabbed a couple of bags of groceries and headed in the house. On my way out to grab another load of groceries, I noticed a car pull up in front of our house. Out jumped a little lady - leaving her car running and her door open, she walked right over the the recycling bin that still remained in my street, grabbed it and started hauling it up my driveway. In front of me. I was a little stunned. I knew right away that this must be The Mayor that I had heard about.

A few things from my brief conversation with The Mayor:
*She informed me that the city laws say that my garbage can is only allowed out for 24 hours.
*My husband being out of town is no reason for my bins to remain out because that's what children are for.
*She raised her kids to do the dishes and now her son is a firefighter.
*Her pet-peeve is when anyone on our street has the cans in plain sight (and then she pointed out every house on the street that has their garbage cans in inappropriate places).

I was a little stunned that she never introduced herself until AFTER she had told me all of these things. And then she complimented me on fixing up our yard.

Nice to meet you too, Mayor!

After she hopped back in her car and drove off, I had quite the giggle as I finished unloading my groceries. I'm glad I can laugh it off - the "Brem family garbage man" thought it might have been a better idea to put all of the garbage cans back in the street, but I thought it'd be better to keep the peace. :-)

Also, today is the 100th day of school! In honor of that celebration, here is a cute photo of the cutest boy in the universe...


  1. Yes I did think it would be a good idea to put the cans back out on the street. So What?!

  2. OR grab a bunch of garbage cans and put them on her lawn and block her drive way. Too much?

  3. Tarah! Hahaha! Maybe a little TP action should be in order?