Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My worst fear came true today...

It's true. I got food poisoning. In AMERICA.

I'm sorry, Honey, for ever doubting the level of torture you were facing all those millions of times you were stuck in the bathroom barfing. As I heaved every last ounce of everything that remained in my body today, I repented.

Darn you, chicken tacos from Islands. Darn you, Islands at 300 Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey, California 93940 - (831) 655-1552.

Also, the service was b-a-d.

I've never been so happy to have a drink of Coke and not barf it up as I was tonight. AND I realized how disgustingly dirty both toilets in my house were today and gave em' a good scrubbin' in between bathroom sessions. At least one thing good came from this experience. Technically two, since there are two toilets...


  1. That's just plain awful and I feel your pain.... At least you got to puke in the comfort of your own home and not a nasty burger king public toilet (I'll never forget the look on emil's face when he saw me clinging to the filthy porcelain pony)...even though it was 8ish years ago, I remember like it was yesterday. Darn you crab salad from some seafood place in Pismo...darn you.

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  3. Only you would scrub toilets between pukes! I LOVE Patty Brem!

  4. You shouldn't have blogged about it before, it jinxed you! :)