Friday, February 25, 2011

She's EIGHT, People! EIGHT!

I know that I just did a post about my little girl not too long ago, but today is her birthday and I just didn't think I could bring myself to post about anything else.

So here goes...

Today, my sweet Noelle turns 8 and I just don't understand how in the world that happened.

Here's some "fun facts" about Noelle:

*She's recently become addicted to Wheel of Fortune.
*You can often find her dancing around with her ipod blasting the soundtrack from the musical The Lion King or the songs of the Jackson 5.
*She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES animals.
*She also loves steak.
*She's extremely loyal - to the degree that she has a very difficult time getting rid of things - even shoes that she's grown out of.
*She is VERY athletic and I'm counting on a basketball/soccer/softball/volleyball scholarship paying for her college.
*She doesn't care about how she looks and is completely content going out in public in grubby sweats, unbrushed hair and her Giants baseball hat.
*Sometimes, she looks like a homeless child.
*She is the tallest child in her 2nd grade class.
*She eats at least one entire apple every day.
*She is the friendliest, funniest, sweetest, most generous child EVER.

And now, indulge me as I blubber my way through some of my favorite photos of her...

Cutest little preschooler ever...

Goofy's Kitchen...

Western Day at school...

She's no vegetarian!

There's that dirty hat...
And those amazing freckles...

And there they are again...

I just can't believe that 8 years ago she was a tiny baby pooping and barfing all over me.
At least the pooping on me has stopped since then.


  1. Love that girl :) Please tell her Miss Erika says Happy Birthday!

  2. Sweet pics! Looking through those pics I see a lot of Lesley in her looks. Pretty girl.