Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes I'm forced to eat ice cream at noon.

I will be the FIRST to admit that my boy is quirky. I'll also be the very first to admit that I love him that way.

Also, bribery works on my kids.

Jude is one of those socially awkward genius kindergartners. I know everyone thinks that their child is a genius, but I'm pretty sure it really applies here. Jude taught himself to read when he was THREE. He memorizes scriptures/entire books/movie quotes/tv shows on a daily basis and can perform on command. He is quite the party favor.

Sometimes, this creates quite the dilemma for his Kindergarten teacher (who we love) and who has been teaching for 30ish years. She's never had a kid quite like Jude, she tells us. Everyday after school, Jude reports to me and tells me if he got a "happy face" or a "sad face" for the day. If he got a "happy face" he gets to play the Wii for a little while when we get home and if its a "sad face" day, he doesn't get to play. This system works pretty well for keeping Jude on task at school except for one part of the day - story time.

On most afternoons, Jude's teacher finishes the school day by letting Jude sit in her chair and read a story to the class (See, I told you he was smart!) and he LOVES it. But, if Jude's not reading and has to sit and listen to his teacher read the story, he can be a bit of a distraction. He likes to loudly point things out in the book, correct the teacher, talk about the pictures, shout things out like, "Hey! Look at that!" and be an adorable disruption that annoys everyone around him. So, I bribed him. Last night I promised that if he could sit quietly through story time today that he could play the Wii AND we would go for ice cream after school. Worked like a charm!

As he marched up to the ice cream counter and proudly shouted at the high school student working, "I NEED A BLUE ICE CREAM WITH SPRINKLES AND ONE CHERRY ON TOP!" I was beaming with pride.
I wanted to yell in the streets, "My baby can quietly sit through story time!"
Sweet, sweet victory.

One quirk down, and only a few handfuls to go...

Also, my stomach kinda feels yucky from eating ice cream so close to breakfast.

I love bed-head.

Reading to his class.

PS - The ice cream bribe also works on my 2nd grader for her Friday spelling tests.
You're welcome.


  1. Seriously, I think he's a genius! I mean, my kids are great, but they are "artsy" :) We'll call it that... they get it from their parents!

  2. Funny you posted this...last night I bribed Easton into going to his basketball game (he had an embarrassing moment at the one prior and wanted to "never play again"), told him we would stop at DQ afterwords. And it worked. Ha!

  3. Wow! Your Jude and my Judah are a lot alike! Thank you, Jesus, for video games and the amazing way they get our kids to do whatever we want :)

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