Friday, February 18, 2011

Things I've heard this week

My favorite things that I heard this week...

From Jude:

In the sweetest soft voice, while staring at Bindi through the sliding glass door, "Bindi, you are my black dog."

Not sweet dog or good dog, but BLACK dog. My thoughts exactly.

After lunch, "But mommy, I’m still hungry. Can I have a banana?" (Me) "Yes." (Jude) "But it has banana cheese strings on it."

Translation: those stringy pieces of banana peel that look like string cheese.

Proudly, as he put on his coat at the end of the school day, "I am the Brem of the class."

"When I was a baby, I ate some food and then I grew up into a big boy!"

From one of Jude's classmates while I was volunteering in his kindergarten class today as she was wearing her bedazzled Hannah Montana shirt:

"Did you know that Hannah Montana took some drugs and then got all evil and crazy? But I still like her."


  1. LOVE these adorable comments!!! Especially "Brem of the class" and "Hannah Montana." :) Love you, Jude! ~ AMPaulson

  2. of course... the strings on a banana are just like string cheese- I can't believe I haven't made the connection until now. :)