Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trader Joe's, How I Love Thee...

Trader Joe's, I really love you.
Without you I would feel so blue.

I love to cruise up and down your aisles
Wishing they would last for miles.

I love your curries, sauces and GMO-free milk,
Gluten-free items and chocolate silk.

Oh, your prices are so fair,
I always leave with change to spare.

I swoon to the back where they pass out treats,
and I'll never resist your marinated meats.

Your candies and sweets are so delicious,
Your ice creams and cakes fulfill my wishes.

I'll never regret those yogurt covered pretzels,
chocolate edamame or Diet Hansen's seltzers.

Two-buck Chuck I always love you,
Tamales, Salsas and Puttanesca too.

Your Honey-nut Oh's start our day off right,
And your pizza dough begins a very good night.

Your produce often leaves a bit to desire,
But of your Jo-Jo cookies, I may never tire.

Thank your for carrying my beloved Mache',*
And also for your spinach being triple washed.

Your endless supplies of hummus and cheese,
Cause me to drool and make me drop to my knees.

Pestos, yogurts and candy-cane tea,
All make me want to squeal with glee!

Your friendly workers, baggers and checkers,
love to give my kids millions of stickers.

Sometimes your parking lot makes me seethe,
I'll drive around patiently and wait for someone to leave.

Forever I will love you Trader Joe's,
Your endless goodies make me forget my woe's.

*Mache' is pronounced "Mosh" :-)


  1. You're quite the poet Patty! I feel the same about TJ... in fact, I was there just this morning!

  2. Thanks Jaime! I was just there yesterday too! That's what inspired my love sonnet! :-)