Monday, February 14, 2011

What would you do?

There is this TV show that airs on Friday nights right now called, "What Would You Do?". It puts people in different/strange situations without their knowledge and then films their reactions to them. A situation they might film could be a fight outside of a bar (using actors) and they film those who pass by to see if they will ignore the fight or try to break it up. Once, I saw a situation (again, actors) that took place in a restaurant where it looked like a polygamist family was eating with a teenage girl who was about to be the "newest wife" in the family. They filmed the other patrons and their responses to what was happening. After a few people speak-up or say something, the film-crew barges in and the host of the show explains what is going on.

Currently, I have my own "What Would You Do?" show going on in my own life along with another one called "Guess what I'm thinking". She's called, "Noelle" and has recently caused me to scrutinize what exactly I would do in a million different weird situations and guess what she's thinking about...All. Day. Long.

N - "Guess what I'm thinking about."
Me - "Um, candy."
N - "But what kind of candy?
Me - "Chocolate?"
N - "No. I forgot what its called."
Me - "How am I supposed to get it right if you don't even know what it is?"

Driving in the car today:
N -"Mommy, what would you do if Daddy died?"
Me - "I'd be devasted!"
N- "Would you be really, really sad? Or really, really, REALLY sad?"
N - "But what would you do with his body?"
Me - "Ummm...whatever is least expensive."

This morning:
N - "Guess what I'm thinking about?"
Me - "Candy"
N - "How did you know that?"
Me - "Lucky guess."

At the aquarium:
N - "Mommy, what would you do if the glass on this tank broke and all of the fish came flooding out?"
Me - "Probably, grab you guys and run as fast as I can."
N - "But what if you can't get to us because I shark is biting you?"
Me - "Ummm...punch the shark in the face?"

At home while she's staring at the candy bowl on top of the fridge:
N - "Mommy, guess what I'm thinking about?"
Me - "Candy."
N - "How did you know that?"
Me - "I'm really, really smart."

At Costco today after seeing a stuffed toy duck tied the bumper of a car (weird, I know).
N - "Mommy, what would you do if that was a real duck?"
Me - "I don't know, call the police?"
N - "But what would you do with the duck?"
Me - "Call animal control to come and take it?"
N - "But what if he was really cute? Would you bring him home as a pet?"
Me - "No way."

At Target yesterday:
N - "Mommy, what would you do if you saw a cute puppy in this aisle and nobody was around it?"
Me - "Probably look for its owners."
N - "But what if it didn't have any owners?"
Me - "Take it to customer service?"
N - "But what if it was really, really, really cute?"
Me - "You already have a dog honey."

After 9873983 of these questions today, after dinner:
N - "Mommy, guess what I'm thinking about?"
Me - "I don't know."
N - "It starts with a "D"."
Me - "I don't want to play this game. Please, I beg of you, just tell me..."

I'm tired. Where is that camera crew????

My beautiful, curious girl...


  1. I think this means she has a great imagination... and that's awesome :)

  2. This is hilarious. I love this post! - Crystal Cochran

  3. So funny! How can you not love that face!

  4. I laughed out loud like three times. So good.

  5. Well, Butterfly, Some questions should never have to be answered, so do not let her talk to the Matson boys!!!