Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who Wants A Dog?

Poor, poor Gabriella.

We awoke this morning to the sound of loud sobbing coming from our garage. Tragedy had struck and Mommy instincts instantly kicked-in and I was up, out of bed and in the garage in less than 2 seconds. I discovered my 7-year old hovering over the carnage. Bindi had taken another victim.

The singing Gabriella Doll (High School Musical 3) had been a part of our family for a good 3 years now, wooing us with her microphone and belting-out "Just Walk Away" for all of the world to hear. She will be forever missed.

Rest In Peace, Gabriella.

PS- A replacement has already been ordered from thanks to the quick-thinking Daddy.


  1. Wow, poor Gabriella, poor Noelle, way to go Gav!

  2. Oh I can just imagine the trauma!! I laughing and feeling deep sympathy all at once! Bindi should spend a night with my cat.

  3. Without fail I am ALWAYS laughing when I read your blog. I love it! I am so sorry about Gabriella though. Thank the Lord for Amazon! Crystal Cochran