Thursday, March 31, 2011


First Contest Winner Announcement!

Disclaimer: I loved each and every idea! Thanks for all of the input! I will be writing one about Tacoma in the near future...

And to my friend, Mrs. Bee - Just thinking about writing a poem from Bindi’s perspective caused all kinds of angry thoughts to manifest in my mind. Maybe, one day when I don’t look into my backyard and feel ticked-off/ready to punch myself and/or Bindi in the face, I’ll give it a shot...

And to my friend, Ronda - Congratulations on winning the First Contest on my blog! (I promise, she didn’t win because we’ve been friends for 15 years. She’s just lucky, I guess!)

At the college that Gavin and I attended (Pacific Lutheran University), it was a popular trend to name the house that you lived in when you moved off-campus. I lived in an awesome house called “The Switch”. Some other girls houses at that time were “The Chatterbox”, “The Loft”, “Lila’s Place”, “The Milkbox”, “The Sandtrap” and “The Porch”. Some of guys lived in places like “The Stick”, “The Spandex”, “Casa de Queso” and “The Honeybucket”.

But the PLACE TO BE was a guy house called “The Salad Bar”...

The Salad Bar

Your smell is forever stuck in my nose,

And I’ll never forget the piles of clothes.

I never missed a Root Beer kegger,

And loved the painting of the Last Supper.

The plastic armor on the wall,

The Goodwill couches, so comfortable.

East side, West side, which one to choose?

East was more prone to booze?

Dance parties, BBQ’s and Simpson’s on a sheet,

Converted garages are always sweet.

One time, someone pooped on the floor,

Cleaning their bathrooms was a 3 hour chore.

Scary bathroom in the back,

Whiskers in sinks, you did not lack.

On the couch, someone always crashing,

Most of the tenants were fairly dashing.

A hole dug in back for a firepit,

The neighbors would get ticked when it was lit.

A million cars piled in the driveway,

Blazers, Datsuns, Escorts and Camry’s.

The Salad Bar rug was stolen, but classy,

And yes, those boys were very gassy.

119th and 10th was the place to be,

In 1998 in the 253.

Tires for planters really set it apart,

And a Salad Bar boy, stole my heart.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One of those days...

Sometimes, I'm dumb.

Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not always dumb, just sometimes. Today is one of those days. And it's not quite noon yet. It might be a long day...

For example:

*I forgot that today was Wednesday. For the second week in a row. Now, this shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I have somewhere I'm supposed to be on Wednesday morning by 9 AM. Last week, Gavin was here to remind me, but I forgot this week until it was waaaay too late. Okay, well at least I know it's Wednesday now and I will hopefully remember it for the rest of the day.

*I left my 6 year old boy-child unattended to eat a blueberry muffin - trusting him to not eat it on the carpet. Oh, how I love blueberry muffin squished into the carpet. My kids had the lovely experience of getting to watch me frantically vacuum in my underwear today. They will be forever grateful for that image, I'm sure.

*During our homeschooling today, I discovered that I had forced the boy-child to take quizzes on his math for chapters that he had never covered - and I had been a little confused as to why he hadn't done well on them and had asked me for help 849830238 times during his quiz. I should probably pay closer attention to his lessons.

*(FYI - This one might be kind of gross) When you are a frequent neti-potter, you usually learn that after a "cleansing" you should tip your head upside down over the sink/toilet and let any residual water drip out. I keep forgetting this. When you forget to do this, you will find that occasionally, a stream of water will pour out of your nose when you are doing random things like sweeping, tying shoes, looking for beads in the car, picking something up off of the floor. This has happened to me THREE times this morning and water has streamed out of my face onto the kitchen floor while sweeping, the carpet while plugging-in the vacuum (in my underwear) and onto the floor of my car. It is not awesome. And even though no one was there to see any of this, it was both surprising and embarrassing as it happened...all three times.

I should just go back to bed and call it a day. I can do that, right?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My family's obsession with buns...

Our children may hate me for this post in the future...or they may revel in it...

Seriously now, our family is obsessed with buns. Maybe it's just our buns, but that is irrelevant.

I've never been a "buns person" - checking out guys butts and commenting on them - until Noelle was born. It is quite possible that the moment that I saw Noelle's buns that I became "a buns person".

Noelle has the most perfect buns in the entire world. They have been adorable since birth. Jude has the tiniest buns possible on a human being...and they are still cute. We love the Brem's buns!

Also, Jude's nickname is "Mr. Buns"...

We talk about this openly and frequently here in the Brem household. Especially, how Noelle's buns came from the Brem side of the family and Jude's came from my side. Excuse me...

Recently though, our buns have come into more of a limelight than usual...
Here are TWO examples:

1. About a month ago, we were picking Jude up from Kindergarten and his teacher pulled us aside to inform us that Jude had recently had a little issue in the classroom. She told us that Jude had "mooned" someone during storytime. Yikes! We may be big fan of buns at our house, but we don't moon each other!
After interrogating Jude thoroughly, we discovered that after learning all about skunks, Jude had decided to "spray" one of his classmates like a skunk - pulling his pants down and tooting. Uh-oh...
Of course, that will never happen again.

2. Noelle has recently become obsessed with the thought of Mommy squeezing Daddy's buns. We are openly affectionate and feel like that is a very healthy thing for our kids to see. But Noelle has taken it to a new level when she asks as Daddy is leaving, "Mommy, are you gonna squeeze Daddy's buns before he leaves?" Of course, I oblige...

We may need a little more discretion in our household...

Monday, March 28, 2011

First Contest!

It just so happens that my favorite day of the week on my blog is "Poetry Slam Thursday". And it also just so happens that Thursdays are my least commented, least read days of my blog. The funny thing is - I don't really care. I really love Poetry Slam Thursday. Some people would throw in the towel and try to come up with some new idea, since it seems I may be the only one who loves it - but not me. Maybe I'm stubborn like that? Or maybe I just believe that you all will one day see it my way, and fall in love with the Poetry Slam the way that I have.

A few "fun facts" about the Poetry Slam:
*I started writing funny poems in 4th grade. Two have been published.
*I wrote a long funny poem - that turned into a story for a 6th grade project, then revamped it in 12th grade and got an "A" on it for a senior A.P. English project.
*I have NEVER written a serious/lovey/sad poem in my life. Only funny. (At least, I think they're funny).

So, here is the contest:
Comment on this blog (not facebook, but the actual blog) with an idea for the next subject of the Poetry Slam. We are going to test my creativity! One randomly selected commenter will be chosen and this Thursday's Poetry Slam will feature a funny poem about whatever you choose.
If you have your own blog, I'll even link back to it on the post!

Some ideas:
*Bodily Functions
*A vacation (I have one in mind about Disneyland already!)
*Ugly weather
*Baseball season

I'll be honest, I'm kinda nervous about this.

Also, I really hope you will learn to love "The Slam" as much as I do.

Also, this is an opportunity for the 200 of you that show-up here everyday to let me get to know you a bit, since I think you may know me a bit already (unless that 200 is really just you, Mom?). I want to know who you are! I think I like you already...

P.S. - If no one enters this contest, I will still continue to do Poetry Slam Thursdays. Just FYI. This weeks PST may just be my first embarrassed, sad, angry poem - but don't feel it is in any way directed at any of you...

Sunday, March 27, 2011


My hubby and I were recently walking through a field in the rain, our clothes completely soaking wet and covered in mud. In this moment, I confessed to my husband that watching him climb through an army-style mud pit, over 5-foot tall walls and other various barricades along with being barked-at by military dudes while running a 5-mile race in the mud and rain made him totally attractive and manly...and hot.

We did our first "Mud Run" this weekend and it was quite the experience! I wasn't sure I would enjoy it, but it was actually really fun - and hilarious! The Big Sur Mud Run isn't for the non-athelete, but it is not a competitive race either - you can tell that by the "beer break" at mile 2.5 where everyone stops, drinks a cup or two of beer and then takes advantage of the photo-op before heading-out for the last half of the race.

We ran this race with about 15 other people from "Team organicgirl" - organicgirl being the company that Gavin works for and who sponsored us to run the race.

Some highlights from the run:
*Army dudes line the 5 mile course and yell at you and tell you how much faster you should be running/how much harder you should be trying/how you should be passing those ahead of you/basically, that you are a wimp.
*974749837 hills
*At various spots along the course, the Army dudes make you stop and do 15 push-ups or flutter-kicks.
*At various locations you are forced to climb over walls, dive and crawl through pools of mud and muddy water all while you are being yelled at and splashed by Army dudes.
*There are no white shirts/shoes/socks/underwear/any items of clothing by the end of the race.

I know. Sounds super fun, right? I promise, it totally is. Even when my shoes started to feel like they weighed 5 pounds each because they were filled with dirt and water, I was giggling because it was so fun to watch my husband be so manly. It was also fun to prove to myself that I can be tough too and dive into cold, icky mud...I HATE being in cold water!

Today, I am still cleaning mud out of my ears...

These shirts started out white, I promise...

Our awesome friend, Joel joined us for the race too!

Gavin never shies-away from an awkward photo-op...

Look, there's grass in his beard!

My once-white socks, post-race...

Soaking some of my clothes...grody...

I really felt like an "organicgirl"...

Friday, March 25, 2011

A BIG Announcement...

I am BEYOND excited for an announcement that has been made today...

Some of you already know this, but some of you may be under the impression that there are only two kids in the Brem household. The jig is up. There are actually THREE, yes THREE people that we claim as our children. Noelle and Jude - you all know, and then there is the long, lost Mochie. Who is not long in any sense of the word, nor lost. I just haven’t had any photos or many stories to post since I’ve taken up blogging (It hasn't been that long!). Plus, she lives far away, PLUS I’ve been sworn to secrecy (kind of) for the last few weeks about the big announcement and I’ve nearly had a stroke trying to maintain any level of secrecy. Phew! So glad that the secret’s finally out...

Our sweet Mochie and her dear hubby, Jon are expecting A BABY! I am just beside myself. They are going to be the most amazing, adoring, fantastic parents. AND, this may just be the best looking, most fashionable and most documented/well photographed baby in the history of all babies. Just sayin’...

Not only are they going to be fabulous parents, but they are already incredible photographers! If you need something photographed - book these two. Seriously, you won’t regret it!

We couldn’t be more proud of Moch and Jon and the amazing adults that they have become.

SO beautiful...
(See, I told you they were great photographers!)

Here’s the question though...What the heck should Gavin and I be called to this sweet, little baby? First of all, we are too young to be Grandma and Grandpa...and too close to be Mr. and Mrs...and it's too weird to be just Gavin and Patty...

It just dawned on me that most 33 year-old women are probably not quite as excited as I am to be a “grandparent” (and the ones who are, maybe shouldn’t be?). Our circumstances may be slightly different than most...

There are many things in my life that I am not proud of, but I am seriously so proud right now that I could burst!

Here are some old pics we had on the computer...I thought about putting some junior high and high school photos up of Mochie, but I'll probably embarrass her with those another, more appropriate time...

Mochie and Jon at Noelle's 5th birthday party...
Their gonna be parents!!!

Cute Mochie and Noelle a long while ago...

Mochie and Jon before they were even engaged. Look! No ring yet! Still cuties...

Family Christmas card 2006?

Our family November 2010.
Love you guys!!!

Poetry Slam

We've been a many, many road trips in the past couple of years. What I call a road trip, my husband calls "a day at work" since he drives zillions of miles each week for work. In fact, nearly all of the trips we've been on this year have been us hopping onto one of his work trips. So, here we are again, in another lovely hotel room having just finished our continental breakfast and about to start homeschool (or, hotelschool) while the kids are planning their next dip in the hotel pool.

Road Trippin'

Throw a few things in a bag,
Don't forget your swimsuits.
Hop on into the car,
Be prepared for the scent of many toots.

Thankful for DVDs,
Smartphones are the best.
Books do come in handy,
And many snacks are needed to ingest.

The car may start off clean,
It never stays that way.
It now looks as though a convenience store exploded,
And it has only been one day.

There's a tricky balance to find,
Between hydration and thirst.
Too many stops to pee,
Make the driver want to burst.

Road trip games are fun,
Until the yelling and fighting ensue.
"Slug Bug" is no longer allowed,
Because someone is black and blue.

Sitting for oh, so long,
The kids may start to stir.
Give them a bit more junk food
They'll pass-out soon - if they don't hurl.

The hotel rooms are always nice,
2 queen beds and a pull-out.
"Musical Beds" still occurs,
And grumpy mommy begins to pout.

No dishes to be done,
or laundry to be put away.
No distractions to be had,
Give new perspective on what is good today.

Waffles and fruit for continental breakfast,
A dip in the hotel pool before we go.
Some schoolwork in between,
And last time we even saw snow.

Finally, we must head home,
A lizard, a fish and a dog are waiting,
Along with the laundry and dishes.
And I've been procrastinating.

My favorite road trip companions...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A strained relationship...

This isn't a love/hate relationship...maybe just a plain ol' hate relationship.

I hate floors. There, I said it. I hate them. I hate cleaning them. I hate that when I've just cleaned them, they are dirty again. Which causes me to hate cleaning them even more. Which makes me grumpy at the kids/dog/husband for making them all dirty. Because I just cleaned them.

Sometimes, I just buy extra time by "spot mopping" them with a washcloth...but I know the truth - they're just dirty and they're gonna stay that matter how frequently I scrub them.

Which leads to a confession: I hadn't fully mopped my floors until yesterday...SINCE NOVEMBER. I know, gross. No one could tell...but I knew this dirty little secret. And it was eating at me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Finally, I broke down and did a full scrub-down mopping yesterday. Guess what? Today, Bindi tracked mud in all over the floor since it was raining...and so did the kids and husband. Also, Jude ate a brownie and got crumbs all over them. And then Noelle tracked in some dog poop. Awesome.

I'm never mopping the floors again.

Here are a couple of things I've been working on to keep my mind off of the floors...

This picture frame has been hanging in EVERY living room of every place we've lived for 10 years. It is a big, cheap, Ikea frame that was really cute in my living room 10 years ago...

Gavin bought this print of my favorite painting for my birthday 10 years ago. It is still my favorite and if I look at it long enough, it still makes me cry...
Now, in a new shiny black/distressed frame! (You can't see that its distressed in the photo, but I promise, it is!) I LOVE it even more...

I know that it's hung too high in this photo, but the black makes it "pop" a bit instead of blending in with the band-aid color walls...
Husband will hopefully re-hang the frame a bit lower tomorrow...

I found this set of candle holders at the Goodwill for 4 bucks and they were an ugly, rugged, silvery mess. I was skeptical (so was Gavin) and decided to blast them with the paint. Now, I REALLY like em'..

P.S. - I haven't put much effort into decorating our bedroom since house #2 (move #4), but am loving the new little things in it...

Also, look at this Ca-ute little baby that came to visit me yesterday! He even cuddled with me!
I have to keep tellin' my ovaries that we are done with babies in the Brem house...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stuff About Kids

I know that most people think that their children are cute and sometimes funny. I know that my kids are cute and funny too. But seriously now, I truly think my kids are freaking geniuses that are hilarious.

Case Study #1: At bedtime tonight, Gavin prays for Jude, says "Amen." and heads out the door. Jude responds, "P.S." and I say, "P.S. to what?" He thinks about it and replies, "P.S. (loooong pause) Amen."

Case Study #2: This afternoon Noelle insists that she needs a framed photo of our doggie, Bindi for her dresser. Costco is only 4 minutes from our house and I have a gajillion old empty picture frames in the garage, so I say, "Why not?". As I'm putting Noelle to bed tonight, I ask Noelle if she likes her new photo of Bindi on her dresser and she tells me that she loooves it because it makes her "feel so much safer"...hmmm...

Case Study 3#: I come walking into the kitchen this afternoon and I'm startled to see something small behind the curtains by the sliding glass window. A moment later, I realize that it is an audience set-up by Noelle to keep Bindi company.

(Ignore the dirty, dog-snot laden sliding glass door...mmmkaythanks.)

Case Study #4: I come walking into the kitchen early this evening to discover a coin placed on end in the windowsill. No child is in sight, but I know the boy is responsible. What 6-year old does this and walks away? Mine...

Case Study #5: At the kids' Awana club tonight (church thing for kids), Noelle was kicked by a little boy. On the way home from church, Jude tells us that he is going to punch the kid that kicked Noelle (Jude is a scrawny, not-quite coordinated little dude). I was pumped that he wanted to stand-up for his sister (Don't worry, we gently reminded him that Daddy would take care of this issue). It reminded me of the first time that Jude stood-up for himself against his sister and kicked her. I should've been upset, but I was just so excited to see Jude have an opinion - he's kinda been a late bloomer in that area...

Case Study #6: I walked into the dining room to this...Yes, that is Jude's "grill" that he got at the Pizza Factory from a vending machine. He wore it most of the afternoon. With a tie-dye shirt, no shoes and that stocking cap. No, I did not dress him today...

(Yes, I let my kids use sharp, pointy scissors unsupervised. Nobody's been hurt yet - booyah!)

I rest my case...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Lessons Learned

Things I've learned over the past few weeks:

*Husband does not think it is a really fun idea to go to the Goodwill to peruse new projects as "date night".
*Boy child has recently discovered that he loves having his bed made, but doesn't know how to make his bed the way Mommy makes it, thus ensuring repeated begging to have Mommy make his bed - every day.
*Girl child would wear an ugly baseball cap every single day, if allowed.
*Homeschooling is really fun.
*When you tell people that you are homeschooling now, you get a WIDE array of responses.
*People in California hesitate to go anywhere when it is raining.
*I like spray paint.
*When leopard geckos are slowly deteriorating, they don't finish eating their recently molted skin.
*Sometimes tiny ants really want coffee and climb into my coffee pot and I may not know it until I've already brewed a pot of coffee and poured a cup. Always check the coffee pot for ants before brewing.
*If an 8 year-old girl vacuums up a child's sock into a 2 week-old vacuum, it might snap the vacuum belt.
*Target prefers if you bring back broken vacuum cleaners in their original packaging, but will still take them back if cute husband turns on the charm.
*Cute husband does not like it when I ruin my pants with spray paint.
*I like freshly painted, shiny black things.
*Iphones are not made to withstand being dropped into bowls of water, repaired and then dropped onto the garage floor.
*AT&T is a real stickler on when you can get a new iphone without forking over a bazillion dollars.
*I'm addicted to and lost without my iphone.
*I pay way more attention to everything/everyone around me when I don't have my iphone.
*If we start watching a movie at a decent hour, I can actually stay awake and finish it.
*Changing a doorknob is not that hard.
*Even though 200 people may read a blog post, only 2 people will comment on it. But sometimes you can be walking through a grocery store and someone you don't know will tell you that they really liked that blog post about fantasy baseball. It will make you feel pretty good.

Hey, Look! My Puyallup Birthday Daffodils opened! Pretty...

Matchy, Matchy, I'm so happy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting For Paint To Dry...

We have moved 8 times in 11 years. Yikes!

We have lived in:
*One apartment
*One guest house
*3 homes that we've owned - (1 major fixer-upper) ALL of which I LOVED.
*One family ranch house (for two months in transition to California)
*2 Rental homes in California

Currently, we are living in our second rental house in California - having moved from the first house because our landlord was insane. Out of desperation, we quickly moved from the insane landlord lady house into the first house we could find in a nearby neighborhood that was within our price range. We've been living here now for 11 months. Our landlords are easy-going and super nice, but will admit that they have neglected this house for the past 20+ years...lucky us. It is not quite a dump that we live in, but its definitely not the nicest home that we have had. Thankfully, our landlords have given us permission to do whatever we want with the place, but sadly, there is SO much I would like to do. How much is too much time/money/effort to spend on a rental?

Right this minute, I am waiting for paint to dry on one of the bathroom doors. Confession: I started this project in November. Lesson learned: Buy good paint.

All of the doors in our current house have never been painted, but have all been primed - which means that they all look a beigeish color smeared with dirt. In November, I was sick of looking at these gross doors and took on the project of painting them. When I went to Home Depot to pick-up some paint, I told the "paint guy" that it was "just a rental" and that I didn't give a care how good the paint was. BIG MISTAKE. After 7 coats of paint on 1.5 doors, I gave-up, exhausted. I finally returned to this project this evening, loaded with a can of good paint. 2 coats later, I'm happy and that blue tape has finally been stripped off of the wall after many, many months. Now, I have to paint 3 other doors to match. Yikes.

The question is, is it worth my time/money/effort? If I had to look at that dirty lookin' door for many more days, I might have gone crazy. But I don't like to spend our hard-earned money on a place we don't own, either. Who knows how long we're gonna live in this place anyway?

There is seriously SO MUCH to do on this place, but it is not ours. Comforting and annoying at the same time...

My bathroom door painting project...

One of the quirky things about our house...a trip to Home Depot WILL be happening tomorrow to remedy this...

The paint on this knob is not from my painting job...why did I bother taping?

These are SUPER rusty hinges...again, why did I bother taping?

I should paint my toenails white while I'm at it...who needs a pedicure?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chick-fil-A Newbie

It may seem like we've been eating a TON of junk food lately. Welp, we have. That's what you do on roadtrips, right? Plus, it is my birthday week...

Today, I got to experience my first trip to Chick-fil-A...I was not disappointed. Wow! I have heard about it for years, but it truly exceeded my expectations. Unbelievable! I will definitely go back/beg for a franchise in our town/beg for a franchise to not come to our town so I won't eat there everyday.

Don't worry...I'm heading back to the treadmill tomorrow...

Yummy Shakes...

Delicious chicken sandwiches...

Again, yum...

Waffle fries...

And cute girls...

A VERY nice fruit side...

This is how I may have felt when we were all done...full.

If you have a minute, you should check out this video...It's been in my head ALL DAY LONG. It's hilarious and you won't regret it...

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

You must forgive me - Poetry Slam Thursday is a teensy bit late. We're currently on a work road trip with Gavin and I'm sitting in a hotel room with kids that reek of chlorine from a nice splash in the pool. I know you've all been anxiously awaiting this week's you go!!!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries,
You are so dear to me.
I start to drool when I think of you,
My tastebuds shout with glee.

Your burgers and buns are simply the best,
To your toppings none can compare.
It's hard for me to take my kids with me,
Because the fries I don't want to share.

We'll drive out of our way, hours and miles,
To taste your delicious meats.
If I don't stop soon, I will find some difficulty
Fitting my buns in your seats.

The peanuts you offer are charming,
As well as the potatoes lining the door.
I wish you cooked your onions a bit longer,
but your jalapeƱos I truly adore.

Malt vinegar on fries is a new treat for me,
It took so long to discover.
I have to apologize to my dear In-N-Out,
Because my heart now belongs to another.

Your fries are cooked in peanut oil,
And oh! They make my heart sing!
You yell as you're cooking and you're always so friendly.
I appreciate how you're tidy and clean.

Mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and cheese,
Don't forget loads of pickles.
Ketchup and mustard on a warm bun, please.
With burgers I'm rarely fickle.

Your burgers are truly my comfort food,
I crave them whenever I'm stressed.
I refuse to look at the calorie counts.
In my ignorance I am blessed.

Five Guys, I'd ask you to move to my town,
But that is my new biggest fear.
Stay a safe distance, I beg you and pray.
My heart thanks you and so does my rear.

My mouth is watering...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Patty's Day!

My parents have a sense of humor. My name is Patty (really, Patricia) born the day BEFORE St. Patty's Day...and they still went with the name. In all honesty, Patricia is a family name. The funny part is that my namesake - my grandma - was born on St. Patrick's Day. How funny is that? I've always loved St. Patrick's Day and identified it as "My Holiday" ever since I was a little girl. is my birfday! Yay! I'm still at an age where I like my birthday...not sure when I'm supposed to stop liking them. Anyone?

Today was a great day. I am LOVED and I am BLESSED beyond a shadow of a doubt. And I'm 33. I don't feel old, but sometimes when I realize how old my kids are getting (or how old our former high school students are!) I feel REALLY old. I think hanging around with youngins' is keeping me young. I recommend it. :-)

A few highlights from my day...

I woke-up to breakfast, mimosas and MY FIRST PAIR of Cowboy boots! Call me a poser, but at least I frequently tromp around a ranch...

I'm modeling these boots while wearing my bathrobe. And they (and it) are awesome.

I spent my freetime today (AKA moments while kids are silent reading during homeschool) refinishing this table. It is a Brem family heirloom that I love, but never matched anything in my house...

Here it is now! I. Am. In. Love.

Gavin brought home Daffodils...FROM PUYALLUP!!
I adore Daffodils. They're the flower of March, ya know?

Our gross lizard molted today. And it was gross. And he ate his skin. Gross.

Here's Jude after he got a haircut and I told him that he'd already played his 20 minutes of the Wii today. I honestly was only trying to get photos of his haircut...but couldn't resist taking photos of the tears. Bad mommy.

Gavin's family took us out to dinner to celebrate my birfday. It was YUM.

Then Jammie (AKA Gavin's Mom) gave Jude a Shamrock cookie and he covered nearly his entire body in the country club. Lovely...

When we got home and got ready for bed, Jude insisted on wearing his basketball medal as part of his PJ's. Totally worth the 7 bucks spent on it.

One of the SWEETEST cards EVER. From one of our high school students, Paddy. :-)

And one of the funniest EVER, from one of our high school students, Brittney...

My sweet hubby made me a brownie cake. Yep, I'm 33. Great candles babe.