Thursday, March 31, 2011


First Contest Winner Announcement!

Disclaimer: I loved each and every idea! Thanks for all of the input! I will be writing one about Tacoma in the near future...

And to my friend, Mrs. Bee - Just thinking about writing a poem from Bindi’s perspective caused all kinds of angry thoughts to manifest in my mind. Maybe, one day when I don’t look into my backyard and feel ticked-off/ready to punch myself and/or Bindi in the face, I’ll give it a shot...

And to my friend, Ronda - Congratulations on winning the First Contest on my blog! (I promise, she didn’t win because we’ve been friends for 15 years. She’s just lucky, I guess!)

At the college that Gavin and I attended (Pacific Lutheran University), it was a popular trend to name the house that you lived in when you moved off-campus. I lived in an awesome house called “The Switch”. Some other girls houses at that time were “The Chatterbox”, “The Loft”, “Lila’s Place”, “The Milkbox”, “The Sandtrap” and “The Porch”. Some of guys lived in places like “The Stick”, “The Spandex”, “Casa de Queso” and “The Honeybucket”.

But the PLACE TO BE was a guy house called “The Salad Bar”...

The Salad Bar

Your smell is forever stuck in my nose,

And I’ll never forget the piles of clothes.

I never missed a Root Beer kegger,

And loved the painting of the Last Supper.

The plastic armor on the wall,

The Goodwill couches, so comfortable.

East side, West side, which one to choose?

East was more prone to booze?

Dance parties, BBQ’s and Simpson’s on a sheet,

Converted garages are always sweet.

One time, someone pooped on the floor,

Cleaning their bathrooms was a 3 hour chore.

Scary bathroom in the back,

Whiskers in sinks, you did not lack.

On the couch, someone always crashing,

Most of the tenants were fairly dashing.

A hole dug in back for a firepit,

The neighbors would get ticked when it was lit.

A million cars piled in the driveway,

Blazers, Datsuns, Escorts and Camry’s.

The Salad Bar rug was stolen, but classy,

And yes, those boys were very gassy.

119th and 10th was the place to be,

In 1998 in the 253.

Tires for planters really set it apart,

And a Salad Bar boy, stole my heart.



  1. Yes! Bravo! I didn't even go to PLU, never went to the house and yet it lives in legend in my mind.

  2. YES PATTY! Now this is the kind of poetry that touches my heart!

  3. YEAH! Oh my gosh, so great! :) ~Suganthi