Monday, March 28, 2011

First Contest!

It just so happens that my favorite day of the week on my blog is "Poetry Slam Thursday". And it also just so happens that Thursdays are my least commented, least read days of my blog. The funny thing is - I don't really care. I really love Poetry Slam Thursday. Some people would throw in the towel and try to come up with some new idea, since it seems I may be the only one who loves it - but not me. Maybe I'm stubborn like that? Or maybe I just believe that you all will one day see it my way, and fall in love with the Poetry Slam the way that I have.

A few "fun facts" about the Poetry Slam:
*I started writing funny poems in 4th grade. Two have been published.
*I wrote a long funny poem - that turned into a story for a 6th grade project, then revamped it in 12th grade and got an "A" on it for a senior A.P. English project.
*I have NEVER written a serious/lovey/sad poem in my life. Only funny. (At least, I think they're funny).

So, here is the contest:
Comment on this blog (not facebook, but the actual blog) with an idea for the next subject of the Poetry Slam. We are going to test my creativity! One randomly selected commenter will be chosen and this Thursday's Poetry Slam will feature a funny poem about whatever you choose.
If you have your own blog, I'll even link back to it on the post!

Some ideas:
*Bodily Functions
*A vacation (I have one in mind about Disneyland already!)
*Ugly weather
*Baseball season

I'll be honest, I'm kinda nervous about this.

Also, I really hope you will learn to love "The Slam" as much as I do.

Also, this is an opportunity for the 200 of you that show-up here everyday to let me get to know you a bit, since I think you may know me a bit already (unless that 200 is really just you, Mom?). I want to know who you are! I think I like you already...

P.S. - If no one enters this contest, I will still continue to do Poetry Slam Thursdays. Just FYI. This weeks PST may just be my first embarrassed, sad, angry poem - but don't feel it is in any way directed at any of you...


  1. Cleaning! It must have clues to all your tricks to make it efficient, as well as confession as to any way you treat yourself along the way.

  2. By the way, I love the poetry slam. I'm just too breathless to speak after I read it--not physically possible to comment.

  3. how about kids mine are always funny!

  4. jumping jacks and jigsaw puzzles... :)

  5. Patty, I'm voting for a poetry slam about Tacoma!!

  6. Things you've learned in Salinas....

  7. Okay Patty- I have not been able to figure out how to comment on the blog, but I'll try again...
    Also, I love you poetry, can't remember if I've commented about it, but I'm very impressed with how clever you are! Could never do it...
    You, at fourteen, that's my topic suggestion. :)

  8. How about the ups and downs of being a member of the SKHS Marching band? Have you done one about that yet? That I'd love to read :0)

  9. Yes! I would love a poetry slam about Tacoma or Disneyland. You already did Trader Joe's. :) Or . . . I would love a poetry slam about . . . Amy Paulson. (hahahaha) ~ Anonymous ;)

  10. Girls trips, The Switch, Jelly Bracelet Posse?

  11. I was just thinking about the M & M Bracelet company. Wasn't 6th grade the bomb?

    Oh and someday you should blog about the mulch pile. That was epic.

  12. How about junior high attire (hair, clothes)?

  13. How about a poem written by Bindi? Her perspective of living in the Brem family.