Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Patty's Day!

My parents have a sense of humor. My name is Patty (really, Patricia) born the day BEFORE St. Patty's Day...and they still went with the name. In all honesty, Patricia is a family name. The funny part is that my namesake - my grandma - was born on St. Patrick's Day. How funny is that? I've always loved St. Patrick's Day and identified it as "My Holiday" ever since I was a little girl. is my birfday! Yay! I'm still at an age where I like my birthday...not sure when I'm supposed to stop liking them. Anyone?

Today was a great day. I am LOVED and I am BLESSED beyond a shadow of a doubt. And I'm 33. I don't feel old, but sometimes when I realize how old my kids are getting (or how old our former high school students are!) I feel REALLY old. I think hanging around with youngins' is keeping me young. I recommend it. :-)

A few highlights from my day...

I woke-up to breakfast, mimosas and MY FIRST PAIR of Cowboy boots! Call me a poser, but at least I frequently tromp around a ranch...

I'm modeling these boots while wearing my bathrobe. And they (and it) are awesome.

I spent my freetime today (AKA moments while kids are silent reading during homeschool) refinishing this table. It is a Brem family heirloom that I love, but never matched anything in my house...

Here it is now! I. Am. In. Love.

Gavin brought home Daffodils...FROM PUYALLUP!!
I adore Daffodils. They're the flower of March, ya know?

Our gross lizard molted today. And it was gross. And he ate his skin. Gross.

Here's Jude after he got a haircut and I told him that he'd already played his 20 minutes of the Wii today. I honestly was only trying to get photos of his haircut...but couldn't resist taking photos of the tears. Bad mommy.

Gavin's family took us out to dinner to celebrate my birfday. It was YUM.

Then Jammie (AKA Gavin's Mom) gave Jude a Shamrock cookie and he covered nearly his entire body in the country club. Lovely...

When we got home and got ready for bed, Jude insisted on wearing his basketball medal as part of his PJ's. Totally worth the 7 bucks spent on it.

One of the SWEETEST cards EVER. From one of our high school students, Paddy. :-)

And one of the funniest EVER, from one of our high school students, Brittney...

My sweet hubby made me a brownie cake. Yep, I'm 33. Great candles babe.


  1. oops! I didn't even wish you a happy birthday yet! so, happy birthday, mrs. brem. :)

  2. Cute Boots!!!!!!
    Ew, that lizard thing IS gross.
    I have a little something for you...but of course it will be late :)

  3. Happy Birthday! All I checked yesterday on facebook was the message you sent me, so I didn't see it was your birthday until now! Brownie cake yummmmm. =) Today is my half birthday, actually, which makes Carlos say "so what", but ya know, when your half birthday is on St. Patrick's Day, you tend to remember it and its just more special. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Happy Patty's Day Patty! :) I'm so glad you had a great birfday and that you have a nice new camera to take nice pictures with! :)