Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jet-lag With No Jet

This past week has been craziness. I have totally felt jet-lagged from the time change, but I'm not quite sure that is a real thing.

Here are the highlights - hopefully, things will slow down and my brain will return to normal very soon.

*We started homeschoolin' this week! Yahoo! I've been wanting to do it for a loooooong time and we finally got up the guts to do it! 2 days in and I'm loving it...we'll see how much I still love it on day 71. I have millions of ideas and LOVE that my muchkeeno's aren't leaving in the morning.
*Noelle got her ears pierced! Wow. She. Looks. Old. Not a baby anymore. I only cried a little and only took about 89332 photos during the 2 minute procedure.
*We refinished Noelle's dresser and called it our first homeschool "art project". Turned out lovely and Noelle worked her tail off. I think I love refinishing furniture. As soon as our lizard dies, I'll be refinishing the hope chest that his tank is currently occupying. (Hopefully that will be soon. Sorry about my honesty, but I'm tired of taking care of a reptile. And his crickets are stinky.)
*Both of our kids had their final basketball games of the season. And JUDE WAS AWESOME! Only put his hands up his pants a couple of times and even dribbled and passed the ball a couple of times. AND, we never had a moment during the game where we thought, "Where's Jude?" MVP? Sure....
*One of our kids had her "end of the season pizza party" ensuring that I eat pizza at least 3 days each week.
*Between Noelle's basketball game and Jude's basketball game, we had Noelle's "Opening Day" for softball and had to get her fully changed from her bball uniform into her softball uniform for team photos. In that moment I thought, "Who needs team photos? I have one from last year already." but we still went anyway because the team shirts are a different color this year and a little girl may notice if I try to pass off last years photos as this years. She's smart like that.
*We had friends come to visit from Tacoma! YAY for the Buskirk family! We spent Friday evening getting local BBQ (Yu-um!) and the night out at our family's ranch. In the morning, the kids picked a zillion lemons and oranges, squeezed fresh juice for breakfast, hiked the hills and rode horses. Thanks to Gavin's cowgirl Mama for coming up to saddle the horses and lead the kids around. It was a FABULOUS time. After the basketball/softball mayhem, we met our friends out at the beach (seriously, where else can you ride horses through a ranch in the morning and be at the beach in the afternoon???). What a great day.
*Today, we spent the morning at church and the afternoon on the couch (All 4 of us on one well-used couch) cuddling and watching Marmaduke (maybe, I napped through most of it?). And now my chef/hubby is making fancy grilled-cheese sandwiches for dinner. I am a lucky woman.
*Tomorrow is Monday. And I'm happy that my babies will be home and well-rested tomorrow for our 3rd day of school. Yee-haw.

My messy table after homeschoolin' Day 1. I'll get used to it, I hope...

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