Sunday, March 27, 2011


My hubby and I were recently walking through a field in the rain, our clothes completely soaking wet and covered in mud. In this moment, I confessed to my husband that watching him climb through an army-style mud pit, over 5-foot tall walls and other various barricades along with being barked-at by military dudes while running a 5-mile race in the mud and rain made him totally attractive and manly...and hot.

We did our first "Mud Run" this weekend and it was quite the experience! I wasn't sure I would enjoy it, but it was actually really fun - and hilarious! The Big Sur Mud Run isn't for the non-athelete, but it is not a competitive race either - you can tell that by the "beer break" at mile 2.5 where everyone stops, drinks a cup or two of beer and then takes advantage of the photo-op before heading-out for the last half of the race.

We ran this race with about 15 other people from "Team organicgirl" - organicgirl being the company that Gavin works for and who sponsored us to run the race.

Some highlights from the run:
*Army dudes line the 5 mile course and yell at you and tell you how much faster you should be running/how much harder you should be trying/how you should be passing those ahead of you/basically, that you are a wimp.
*974749837 hills
*At various spots along the course, the Army dudes make you stop and do 15 push-ups or flutter-kicks.
*At various locations you are forced to climb over walls, dive and crawl through pools of mud and muddy water all while you are being yelled at and splashed by Army dudes.
*There are no white shirts/shoes/socks/underwear/any items of clothing by the end of the race.

I know. Sounds super fun, right? I promise, it totally is. Even when my shoes started to feel like they weighed 5 pounds each because they were filled with dirt and water, I was giggling because it was so fun to watch my husband be so manly. It was also fun to prove to myself that I can be tough too and dive into cold, icky mud...I HATE being in cold water!

Today, I am still cleaning mud out of my ears...

These shirts started out white, I promise...

Our awesome friend, Joel joined us for the race too!

Gavin never shies-away from an awkward photo-op...

Look, there's grass in his beard!

My once-white socks, post-race...

Soaking some of my clothes...grody...

I really felt like an "organicgirl"...

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