Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poetry Slam Thursday - I almost forgot

I seriously almost forgot that today was Thursday. Yikes.


My backyard

Oh, I loathe my backyard,
because I've worked so very hard.

I really hate all of the poop,
that Bindi leaves and I hate to scoop.

Gavin has been out of town
And the rain has been falling down.

Causing us to neglect the yard,
and looking out there makes me feel jarred.

The weeds have taken over there,
Our garden is so very bare.

And oh, that poop smells very bad.
When I walk around there I feel so sad.

The trampoline has killed the grass,
the kids want to play outside, but I think I will pass.

I've worked so hard out in the back,
But Bindi has turned it into quite the hack.

She's eaten purple Pansies, Rosemary, and Lavendar,
Two Bougainvillias and she's lucky we still have her.

The holes she digs are very deep,
Our patio I should go out and sweep.

I think I'd rather move today,
Than have to work in my backyard another day.

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