Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poetry Slam Thursday

*April 28, 2011 - I'm reposting this because it feels appropriate for today...and I'm bawling after Michael's exit...

I've decided that Thursdays are going to be "Poetry Day"! Yahoo! I'll write a wordy, rhyme-y poem about whatever my little heart desires. For many years now, Thursdays in my mind have been "The Office is on TV Tonight" day. So, on my first official Poetry Thursday, I'm inspired by my favorite show in the whole wide world...

The Office...

Paper is the office biz,
They all try to sell it.
Michael often interferes,
trying a new improv bit.

World's Best Boss on Michael's mug,
Dwight's the A(t)R M,
Toby is the hated one,
And love ol' Pam and Jim

Woof dot com is Ryan's gig
And Kelly isn't pregnant.
Dwight owns the building now,
with Dunder Mifflin as the tenant.

Kevin loves his M&M's,
And Oscar is so gay.
Angela throws cats into the ceiling,
and Sprinkles is not okay.

Darryl got promoted now,
He got another raise.
Andy pines for Erin though
Giving birds that cause a haze.

Creed's the man in quality
who never does his job.
Gabe is very nerdy,
And Phyllis loves her Bob

Stanley does his crosswords,
Holly moved away.
She's stolen Michael's heart
and Garbage is a stray.

Angela dates a senator,
He is from the state.
Threat Level Midnight's an epic movie
and Michael sure can skate.

Dinner Parties are my fave
When Jan is in the house.
Who know's what will happen next?
Will Meredith get bit by a mouse?

Finer Things Club is a clique',
Fun Runs are a blast,
Benihana is Asian Hooters
And David Wallace is in the past.

Pretzel day is the greatest,
It comes only once a year.
Mose lives on the beet farm,
and wears shirts that say, "FEAR".

The Office is the greatest
It's not a show that's typical.
Dunder Mifflin holds a warm spot in my heart,
As they're the people person's paper people.


  1. I like it =) Thursdays are also our "the office is on tonight" day. Sadly, I think I forget we have bible study on thursdays more than I forget the office is on. hahaha

    I think that once your household is well again, we need to get together to play Carlos and my Office trivia game. You can either answer the regional manager questions (advanced knowledge) or the assistant to the regional manager questions (beginner to intermediate knowledge). I think we would all fall under the regional manager questions so it'd make for a good game. Carlos and I tried playing with my mom and sister and it just wasn't fair to them. haha

  2. Sarah! YES! We have that game too! Let's get together and play sooooon!!!