Friday, March 25, 2011

Poetry Slam

We've been a many, many road trips in the past couple of years. What I call a road trip, my husband calls "a day at work" since he drives zillions of miles each week for work. In fact, nearly all of the trips we've been on this year have been us hopping onto one of his work trips. So, here we are again, in another lovely hotel room having just finished our continental breakfast and about to start homeschool (or, hotelschool) while the kids are planning their next dip in the hotel pool.

Road Trippin'

Throw a few things in a bag,
Don't forget your swimsuits.
Hop on into the car,
Be prepared for the scent of many toots.

Thankful for DVDs,
Smartphones are the best.
Books do come in handy,
And many snacks are needed to ingest.

The car may start off clean,
It never stays that way.
It now looks as though a convenience store exploded,
And it has only been one day.

There's a tricky balance to find,
Between hydration and thirst.
Too many stops to pee,
Make the driver want to burst.

Road trip games are fun,
Until the yelling and fighting ensue.
"Slug Bug" is no longer allowed,
Because someone is black and blue.

Sitting for oh, so long,
The kids may start to stir.
Give them a bit more junk food
They'll pass-out soon - if they don't hurl.

The hotel rooms are always nice,
2 queen beds and a pull-out.
"Musical Beds" still occurs,
And grumpy mommy begins to pout.

No dishes to be done,
or laundry to be put away.
No distractions to be had,
Give new perspective on what is good today.

Waffles and fruit for continental breakfast,
A dip in the hotel pool before we go.
Some schoolwork in between,
And last time we even saw snow.

Finally, we must head home,
A lizard, a fish and a dog are waiting,
Along with the laundry and dishes.
And I've been procrastinating.

My favorite road trip companions...

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