Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Lessons Learned

Things I've learned over the past few weeks:

*Husband does not think it is a really fun idea to go to the Goodwill to peruse new projects as "date night".
*Boy child has recently discovered that he loves having his bed made, but doesn't know how to make his bed the way Mommy makes it, thus ensuring repeated begging to have Mommy make his bed - every day.
*Girl child would wear an ugly baseball cap every single day, if allowed.
*Homeschooling is really fun.
*When you tell people that you are homeschooling now, you get a WIDE array of responses.
*People in California hesitate to go anywhere when it is raining.
*I like spray paint.
*When leopard geckos are slowly deteriorating, they don't finish eating their recently molted skin.
*Sometimes tiny ants really want coffee and climb into my coffee pot and I may not know it until I've already brewed a pot of coffee and poured a cup. Always check the coffee pot for ants before brewing.
*If an 8 year-old girl vacuums up a child's sock into a 2 week-old vacuum, it might snap the vacuum belt.
*Target prefers if you bring back broken vacuum cleaners in their original packaging, but will still take them back if cute husband turns on the charm.
*Cute husband does not like it when I ruin my pants with spray paint.
*I like freshly painted, shiny black things.
*Iphones are not made to withstand being dropped into bowls of water, repaired and then dropped onto the garage floor.
*AT&T is a real stickler on when you can get a new iphone without forking over a bazillion dollars.
*I'm addicted to and lost without my iphone.
*I pay way more attention to everything/everyone around me when I don't have my iphone.
*If we start watching a movie at a decent hour, I can actually stay awake and finish it.
*Changing a doorknob is not that hard.
*Even though 200 people may read a blog post, only 2 people will comment on it. But sometimes you can be walking through a grocery store and someone you don't know will tell you that they really liked that blog post about fantasy baseball. It will make you feel pretty good.

Hey, Look! My Puyallup Birthday Daffodils opened! Pretty...

Matchy, Matchy, I'm so happy!


  1. Oh Patty, I love reading your blogs! They are always so funny!

  2. my husband doesn't like shopping or perusing on date nights either...what's the deal? ;)

  3. So funny about the comments... people I barely know just walk up and say things like, "oh, how are the kids?" and I think "I didn't tell you they were sick, you creep!" but then I remember the blog... :)

  4. Jaime - Thank you!!!

    Maria - We did end up walking around Target at the end of our date last night...Gavin's suggestion!!!

    Courtney - Isn't that so funny? I kinda love it though...

  5. Hey Patty...I never see any of these follow up comments unless I happen to check back later...on other blogs there is a way to see the follow up comments after you make a there a way to do that on yours?