Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Triaminic Poisoning and the Look of Death

I really, REALLY wanted to facebook/tweet/blog/shout from the rooftops about what happened in the Brem home this morning, but felt like my sweet husband should be the one to tell this story (Also, Gavin may have made me vow on my life not to tell anyone). So, here's the story from my hubby's perspective. Hopefully, you can find the humor in it that I am finally finding (after being a bit angry about it this morning)...

And don't worry...we all still like Gavin and Jude is just fine...

(Here's Gavin...)
The last thing I want to do is poison my children. Having said that, I should give a little background into the potential I have to injure other people due to an infrequent ignorance of my surroundings.

When I was a kid I thought it would be a good idea to throw dirt clods at my younger brother who was hiding in a fern bush. Because he was out of sight, I didn't think that I would actually hit him. Unfortunately, my ability to hit a strike zone was exposed and the dirt clod struck my brother's eyeball. He consequently wore an eye-patch for a few weeks because of me.

Later on in high school I was driving to school. I had been driving for about a year and understood the rules of traffic lights soundly. As I came around a turn I saw a red light. Now, my eyes told my brain, "RED LIGHT!" But my brain was apparently processing something else and I kept barreling through the intersection, nearly T-boning a mom in a minivan.

I have no desire to hurt others, ever. So, in order for you to understand what happened this morning, you need to know this. I don't want to harm anyone, but sometimes my brain doesn't engage quickly enough to avoid tragedy. This morning was another example of this.

Jude has been battling a cold for a few days and we've been curbing the symptoms with children's Triaminic. The usual dose for our 6 year old is 1 teaspoon. I measured the dosage, had the boy take the shot, and rinsed out the cup. As I ran the water, the tardy thought arrived, "Did I give him 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon? Oh no..." I double checked the cup and hit rewind in my mind. Playback. Yep, I gave him 1 TABLESPOON of medicine. My heart sunk, I told Patty and she gave me the look of death.

Guys, have you ever seen that look? The look that burns your skin? Fellas, it doesn't matter how much your wife loves you; if you put her child in danger all bets are off and she will go to jail for mauling you to death because you harmed her baby. It is the scariest position to be in. I'd rather be wearing a visitor's jersey at a Raider's game than get in her path.

SO as my wife's death-stare was melting off my skin I was racking my brain for a way to get the medicine out of my son's gullet. I had nothing. Nothing but the naive hope that this too shall pass.

I survived the wrath of Momma Bear and we got the kids off to school. An hour later Patty called me and said, "Jude just barfed in class. JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOOOOWWWW!"

Yes, I poisoned my child. Due to another one of my brain-farts, I gave him too much red syrup and he puked it up. At least we know his body will reject toxins...

(Patty again...)
1 Tbsp of Triaminic was more than the suggested dose for a 12 year-old.

Here are the two of them tonight. I think they're ok...
And cute...


  1. Reminds me of the time Kev thought it would be a good idea to give a 3 year old x-lax...

    Boys. *sigh*

  2. I don't mean to laugh, but I totally am. I love that you slipped in the last part, Patty. When things like this happen at our house, I try so hard not to say anything to anyone, or bring it up in the future... I coach myself and bite my tongue, and then what do you know? Oops. Nick's new response, "Please don't tweet that." :)