Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting For Paint To Dry...

We have moved 8 times in 11 years. Yikes!

We have lived in:
*One apartment
*One guest house
*3 homes that we've owned - (1 major fixer-upper) ALL of which I LOVED.
*One family ranch house (for two months in transition to California)
*2 Rental homes in California

Currently, we are living in our second rental house in California - having moved from the first house because our landlord was insane. Out of desperation, we quickly moved from the insane landlord lady house into the first house we could find in a nearby neighborhood that was within our price range. We've been living here now for 11 months. Our landlords are easy-going and super nice, but will admit that they have neglected this house for the past 20+ years...lucky us. It is not quite a dump that we live in, but its definitely not the nicest home that we have had. Thankfully, our landlords have given us permission to do whatever we want with the place, but sadly, there is SO much I would like to do. How much is too much time/money/effort to spend on a rental?

Right this minute, I am waiting for paint to dry on one of the bathroom doors. Confession: I started this project in November. Lesson learned: Buy good paint.

All of the doors in our current house have never been painted, but have all been primed - which means that they all look a beigeish color smeared with dirt. In November, I was sick of looking at these gross doors and took on the project of painting them. When I went to Home Depot to pick-up some paint, I told the "paint guy" that it was "just a rental" and that I didn't give a care how good the paint was. BIG MISTAKE. After 7 coats of paint on 1.5 doors, I gave-up, exhausted. I finally returned to this project this evening, loaded with a can of good paint. 2 coats later, I'm happy and that blue tape has finally been stripped off of the wall after many, many months. Now, I have to paint 3 other doors to match. Yikes.

The question is, is it worth my time/money/effort? If I had to look at that dirty lookin' door for many more days, I might have gone crazy. But I don't like to spend our hard-earned money on a place we don't own, either. Who knows how long we're gonna live in this place anyway?

There is seriously SO MUCH to do on this place, but it is not ours. Comforting and annoying at the same time...

My bathroom door painting project...

One of the quirky things about our house...a trip to Home Depot WILL be happening tomorrow to remedy this...

The paint on this knob is not from my painting job...why did I bother taping?

These are SUPER rusty hinges...again, why did I bother taping?

I should paint my toenails white while I'm at it...who needs a pedicure?


  1. Pretty happy that you used the phrase, "don't give a care".

  2. I think the landlords should be taking off rent for any improvements you make... you should ask them about it! It could be a win-win-win (the extra "win" was for the Office).

  3. We've had the landlords pay for things that were definitely things that needed done - leaky faucets etc. The question is whether we should have them pay for cosmetic things that they may not care about and are really only for my own sanity.
    Love the Win-Win-Win! :-)