Saturday, April 23, 2011

1 Million Dollars

Thanks to my sweet 8 year old, I’ve learned a few things about myself recently. I’ve had the opportunity for some self-evaluation and have come to a few conclusions that I had never expected. Somewhat like Noelle’s previous game, the new questions that have arisen in our household have given me the chance to decide what I would or would not do given the chance to win money.

Recent conclusions:

*I would try to eat 100 cheeseburgers for 1 million dollars.

*I would not drink 5 gallons of soda for 1 dollar.

*I would eat a giant sandwich for 1 million dollars.

*I would drink a giant soda for 1 million dollars.

*I would not pretend that someone was dead and tell their loved ones they were dead as a joke for 1 million dollars.

*I would sell Bindi for 1 million dollars. (This was met with threats from Noelle to cry and cry and never forgive me if I did that one)

*I would pick up a stray dog and help find it’s owners for 1 million dollars.

*Gavin would tell someone he had a crush on them for 1 million dollars.

And thanks to the reminders from my childhood friends, I do remember actually eating an entire paper plate while sitting in a Dairy Queen for THREE WHOLE DOLLARS. Totally worth it.

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  1. Oh my goodness...a paper plate. That seems familiar to me. It was so fun having you guys over last night! Wish you lived closer we could do it more often!