Thursday, April 7, 2011


It may seem like I write about food a lot. It's true. Eating is my hobby...

(A.K.A. - Chipotle)

Food With Integrity,
That is your motto.
My own integrity is lost,
When I count my calories, though.

Your Barbacoa is always,
calling out my name.
My mouth instantly waters,
I may feel a bit of shame.

Your chips are so very tasty,
With that hint of lime.
I had some of them today,
And they made me want to rhyme.

I drive nearly 20 minutes,
To indulge in my favorite food.
You have Coke Zero in the fountain,
It puts me in a good mood.

When I step up to the counter,
I hate to have to choose.
Tacos, Burritos or salad?
I don't know which to refuse.

The kids adore the carnitas,
And the cilantro-lime touched rice.
For me I'll never change,
Barbacoa will always suffice.

When I've finished off my lunch,
I could really use a sleep.
Once again, I'm stuffed,
The walk to the car, it feels so steep.

A breath mint is in order,
To cover up my stink.
I hope no one tries to talk to me,
They'll pass out, I surely think.

At dinner time I'm still burping,
that salad from my lunch.
This happens every time,
You'd think I'd have a hunch.

You have the best ingredients,
I'll happily pay for that.
My food comes with integrity,
Even though it can still make you fat.

When I wake up tomorrow morning,
And start to plan my day,
I'm sure I will think of Chipotle,
And again, my mouth will water right away.

I'm thankful for self-control,
Or I might be there right now.
Eating another burrito,
and Barbacoa made from cow.

(Seriously, I'm totally full right not, but my mouth is still watering while I'm thinking about it...I may have a problem.)

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  1. I think it's WAY funny that all the ads on the left of your blog right now have to do with clutter,junk,dumpster, garbage stuff!!

    I'm full right now from eating at Chevys tonight with the kids but crave that food! Ugh, so glad I don't live closer!