Friday, April 15, 2011

Coffee, My Love

(Forgive my tardy posting. We've been in the car for what seems like 38729732 hours. I feel puffy and bloated.)

My friend Carina recently asked the question, "How much can one write about their love for coffee and chocolate?"

Well, I thought we might need one more "ode to coffee", so here is this weeks topic for the Poetry Slam...

Coffee, My Love

Coffee, how I love you so,
How one lives without you, I do not know.

You warm my hands in times of cold,
A big cozy mug, I love to hold.

As I lay in bed and stir to wake,
I pray that you yourself would make.

I drag myself up from my bed,
As thoughts of coffee beans dance in my head.

Until I get that magical first sip,
I am forced to try to get a grip.

I sip and gulp throughout the day,
Caffeine jitters kick-in eventually.

I'll finally force myself to stop,
When my heart I feel is about to pop.

Your flavor and warmth with none can compare,
Without you in the morning, I feel so bare.

Lattes and mochas used to the job finely,
These days, I'd rather have it black with an I.V.

Of you coffee, I'll always dream,
My precious little magic bean.

I pray I'm never forced to give you up,
Oh, how I'd miss my "hug in a cup".

I do not care how much I pay,
I will gladly fork over the money every day.


  1. Great one!! I love Patty-coffee!! I miss hugs in a mug at your kitchen table!! ~ AMP

  2. Very cute! I LOVE my coffee as well. I think I need to steal your "hug in a mug" for our coffee FB page!!! You might want to trademark that!!!