Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

Every Christmas Eve our family exchanges one gift and it is ALWAYS a new pair of pajamas. My sweet mother-in-law usually takes on the task of getting my PJ gift most years and she always picks out the cutest jammies for me. This past Christmas, I received a really cute pair of PJ's from Victoria's Secret and I have been wearing them frequently for the past 4 months and loving how cute, cozy and comfy they are.

Currently, we are on a trip visiting our friends and family in Tacoma, Washington and we have been staying with different friends and family members while we are here. Being the conscious and minimalist suitcase packer that I am, I only brought one pair of pajamas with me on this trip and have been traipsing around in our various friends' houses wearing my new V.S. PJ's. The last couple of nights we stayed at our dear friends Brice and Julie's house. The house they live in has many mirrors, which gave me ample opportunities to check myself out while wearing my V.S. PJ's. What I saw was not what I expected. In fact, I couldn't help but double over with laughter when I looked in the mirror and realized what I had been parading around in all over God's green Earth. I'm sorry to everyone who's had to look at me wearing these in the past four months. And to my neighbors who may have seen me moving trash cans while wearing these with giant Ugg boots, please forgive me. And I may be a little sorry to Victoria's Secret too.

This is what the P.J's are supposed to look like:

And this is what I saw when I woke up this morning:

(I literally took this right after I woke up...the reason for the smudged makeup under my eyes and beautifully groomed hair...)

Go ahead and giggle. I am.


  1. I did giggle, but mostly at your face. You are cute, my dear!

  2. I thought they were cute Patty. The problem is the buttons are obviously not to be buttoned. Your neighbors are going to love me for that one!

  3. You should have gotten them 3 sizes too small and sat on a fluffy rug :)

  4. Oh my word, Patty ... I was thinking of how cute they are! I didn't even bust out my old lady nightshirt for you. Now you'll have to come back. ;) The broken pipe is fixed, so it's safe!

  5. Patty, that is hysterical! First of all, never compare yourself to an airbrushed,professionally made up, model-No fun at all! she looks like she just got home from the prom. (very unrealistic in my book). Her husband sees the real thing, believe me!