Friday, April 1, 2011

The Joke Is On Me...

Happy April Fool's Day! It really feels like Spring now!
First of all, it is H-O-T today, so I am in H-E-A-V-E-N. We are heading to the pool in just a few minutes to bake ourselves and we'll call it "P.E." for the kids today.

I'm happy to report that our lizard finally "kicked the bucket"! Er, I precious pet, Yoda sadly passed away last week. I was just so, upset...that I forgot to tell everyone. Not one human in the Brem household was really all that sad. Leopard geckos aren't the funnest pets to have in the world and he had been going downhill for a while - despite my great efforts to keep him alive by pulverizing meal worms in my blender with olive oil and dropping them one drop at a time on his nose. AND Gavin did massage his belly until he pooped. See? We tried! We're not horrible pet owners, despite what the numbers of pet deaths we've racked up this past couple of years may say. I did ask Gavin if we should take Yoda to the local exotic pet veterinarian and he just looked at me like I was insane. I took that as a firm "no". So, we all just watched as Yoda withered away and hoped and prayed his misery would soon end. Too bad he died while we were out of town...our house reeked like a dead lizard when we got home.

No funeral for poor Yoda either. Gavin just tossed him over the fence like Bindi's poo...
At least he fared better than our last lizard, Spike - who just got tossed into the garbage can. We move on quickly here in the Brem home...

So, thanks to Yoda no longer being in need of the hope chest that his cage sat upon...I've been working on a new project!

I love, love, love it. I received this hope chest as a Christmas gift when I was 13 - which means I've been hauling it around for 20 years now! Yikes.

The thing is, I was under the impression for all of these 20 years that it was real wood. As I started working on it, I sadly found out that it was pressed-wood with cherry veneers! Boo.
Oh well, at least it looks pretty now. And instead of housing a lizard aquarium, it will further beautify my bedroom and hold cozy blankets. And I won't feel as bad hauling it around move to inevitable move. Remember how we've moved 9 times in 10 years? We've gotten pretty good at dumping stuff we don't love and/or need.

I feel like I'm winning more than Charlie Sheen right now.

Here it is before...a bit rugged after 20 years...

See that rectangle of dust on the top? That's where Yoda's tank lived...

And VOILA! Here it is all prettied-up...

No more icky gold hardware thanks to metallic spray paint...

Gav brought home some pretty flowers, so I had to try them out...

R.I.P. Yoda
(I know, they're supposed to live longer than that...)


  1. Hahaha! That picture of yoda is SO gross. And your hope chest is A-MAZING!!! Please please please please do that to mine when you come??? hahaha. It went from being homely/tired to stunning! Wow!!! Wanna hit like 5 Goodwills with me when you're here? :) Love the tossing over the fence bit, too! ;) ~ AMP

  2. P.S. Wish I was by the pool doing "P.E." with you . . . ;)

  3. I am sitting here cracking up as I read your blog and Jason is looking at me from across the room wondering what could possibly be so funny. I love reading your thoughts. And I LOVE your final product, well done! I also misread the comment above and thought some one said that your chest is a-mazing. Haha!

  4. Laughing out loud..."I know he is supposed to live longer thatn that"

    This is hilarious...

    And WAY cute hope chest with pillows on top etc..!